Umpteen Shades of NATO False Flags

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

Warmongering rhetoric is alive and kicking on the part of the Collective West and surely not dying down with time but quite the opposite.

With a hindsight to the past month or so, one gets to hear that the Russian intelligence can say without fear of contradiction that they have got hold of conclusive evidence that the British military experts coordinated the attacks on Nord Stream 1 and 2.


On a related note the Turkish President Erdogan appears to have been very active these days on this political front. The famous and infamous grain deal has been agreed on at last. Some tend to think it surely is long overdue and that it should have happened much earlier. It is unsure if it is a good sign whether the two leaders Mr Vladimir Putin, an epitome of superb health and sound mind and its infamous counterpart Mr Cocainsky….. oops I mean Mr Zelensky, could possibly sit at the negotiating table any time soon. Most political analysts tend to agree that the negotiations will not happen in the format Putin vs Zelensky but Putin vs whoever presides in Washington DC at that point of time. That seems to be a political given.

Not even the negotiations from February this year can be anywhere near those planned in the (un)foreseeable future. The much sought after mediation via a number of other great powers can surely happen and partially intervene and revitalize the relations between the two countries and possibly forge preparatory steps. Apparently, only after a few more stages in this warfare will it ever be possible to kick off the negotiations in any imaginable shapes and forms so far. It seems to be unrealistic to expect anything crucial to happen earlier than that.

A new Marshall Plan of sorts is reportedly being prepped in full blow to be shovelled onto and steamrolled into Ukraine, come what may, regardless of the severe damage and chaos wreaked so far upon ill-fated Ukraine. With the Turkish President Erdogan saying that even the German Chancellor will most probably change his tedious rhetoric soon mercifully. Come to think of this most awful kerfuffle and tragic at that, there is some room for the change in the overwhelming rhetoric because the most severe negative consequences are to befall European countries as much as Ukraine itself. Haven’t the NATO and U.S. had enough of their most brutal proxy war against ‘the proverbial Russian Bear’ with its jaw droopingly gigantic military might. scapegoating hapless Ukraine all along? We have seen it happen so many times so far, haven’t we? Regrettably though. That will cause further contradictory views and certain discords within the EU per se in their positioning towards Russia.

Vladimir Putin has put forth clearly and succinctly that Russia has no intention of using nuclear arms in Ukraine. Though many in the Collective West keep peddling their warmongering propaganda that that is about to happen. A dirty bomb is being mentioned far too often to go unnoticed. Ukraine may well resort to it in effect and not Russia. Warmongering rhetoric is alive and kicking on the part of the Collective West and surely not dying down with time but quite the opposite. The proverbial existential angst related to the prospective dirty bomb is justifiable and well founded surely because a nuclear plant can be hit with the devastating effect similar to that of a real nuclear bomb.

NATO jackals walking on a hot tin roof of a ‘dirty nuclear bomb’

Strategic arms can be deployed by the Russian troops provided there is an overwhelming escalation of the conflicts but then again the Russian side is not in dire need of it with the military advance of their active reserve military.

Above all, one of the chief goals of the Russian military in this conflict as is normally the case, is to minimize the death toll of both the civilians and the army but this has been mostly due to the fact that the Ukraine military has decided to intensify their military activities regardless of the massive death toll and the most catastrophic damage done so far. Ukraine has regrettably also resorted to a range of terrorist acts up to this day since the onset of the Russian special military operation of denazifying and demilitarization of Ukraine 24 February 2022, The aforesaid terrorist attacks by the Ukraine towards Energodar, then again against the Crimea Bridge and a number of attacks on the Sevastopol port by means of military drones and lest we forget the most atrocious assassination of Darya Dugina. All this havoc has a sure-sign signature of the Collective West and their warfare methodology such as resorting to dirty tricks, commandos infiltration and a plethora of diversion tactics. These resemble the British activities in the Second World War. British signature is visible and recognizable in all these operations. To launch fifteen attacks by use of commandos across that artificial lake in Ukraine is very much like Black Adder saying ‘We have performed a full charge onslaught on their military trenches so far Nobody expects us to do that very same thing for the 15th time‘.

Sadly many a true word has been told in jest. Or perhaps this one by Blackadder: ‘I have come up with a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel’. I am assuming the demented old man in the Washington DC masquerading as the U.S. President goes to bed with a smirk every night muttering this quote.

Britain, being the key U.S. factor in Europe and its undisputed ‘cavalry of the Apocalypse’, with a centuries-old animosity and nefarious sentiment against Russia and its imperial rivalry and its famous and infamous diplomatic and intelligence experience with a plethora of military subversions and diversions which never cease to exist.

With a quick glance at EU again, France, Germany and Poland did make a substantial effort towards the EU revising the attitudes toward Russia a month ago but there seem to be contradictory interests amongst EU countries.

The Brits appear to have this imperial neurotic tic in their national texture to try and outplay and outsmart Russia ‘for ever more’ Given the continual warnings from the Bank of England, to name but one, which seem to keep signalling that UK is in dire straits financially, the finances of which are not anywhere near those at the times of the British Empire back in the day. One cannot help recalling the Suez Crisis Suez Crisis 1956 (All Parts) – YouTube and from then onward a series of signs of the diminishing power of UK coupled with shortlived governments, lacklustre political leaders and ignorant prime ministers. ‘Woe to that land that’s governed by a child’. William Shakespeare famously said in Richard III, act 2, sc.3, l.11.

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