Stolen Elections Have Consequences

by JD Rucker, America First Report:

They say “elections have consequences.” This is true. But when elections are stolen, there needs to be much worse consequences for those who stole it. Unfortunately, the theft of the 2022 election appears to be headed in the same direction as the stolen 2020 election. We will continue to fight to get the truth out, to hold people accountable, and to reverse the results of the many stolen elections this cycle, but I’m not exactly hopeful. Unless God intervenes, I’d put our chances of changing any election at about 5%.


We’re still trying. We had some good news the last couple of days with many people reaching out following my interview with Leo Donofrio. Arizona is a hotbed for some of the worst voter fraud that took place this election and the pathway he described might be the best one I’ve heard so far. Various candidate representatives have reached out, as well as independent attorneys and concerned citizens. I’ll update on that front as soon as more information is known.

We can point at Democrats, election officials, RINOs, and foreign players and try to bring about the appropriate consequences, but one of the things I am going to focus on is holding conservative and alternative media accountable. There are far too many who are trying to blame the failed red tsunami on anything OTHER THAN massive, widespread voter fraud. This is unacceptable. I’m not just talking about Fox News or Newsmax. I’m referring to other small, medium, and large conservative outlets and individual journalists who are either in denial (doubtful), being bullied (probable), or getting otherwise coerced (possible) into blaming this on abortion, MAGA, student debt relief, or any other reason.

The elections were stolen. Period. I’ll keep hammering that point home even if it gets me canceled even more than I’ve already been thus far.

The Biden economy has decimated wealth and retirement accounts and things will continue to get worse until at least after the 2024 election. It behooves patriots to acquire physical gold and silver or make the move to self-directed precious metals IRAs from America-First companies that do not donate to Democrats. Go to Our Gold Guy for the personal buying experience with Ira Bershatsky. Go to Genesis Gold Group to work with a Christian fellowship-driven precious metals company. Or go to GoldCo for peace of mind from a bigger company.

The reason many of the heroes of conservative media are unwilling to say the elections we stolen is because doing so can get them blacklisted by the Big Tech platforms they’re beholden to for popularity or profit. Anyone who has a popular YouTube channel, radio show, Facebook page, or who relies on Google ads or Facebook traffic has been told to NOT say “stolen elections.” They cannot call out massive, widespread voter fraud as the singular cause of the feeble red droplet that replaced the red tsunami.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into why and how conservative media outlets are ignoring the truth. They’re gaslighting us for a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which is that many are in bed with the Republican Establishment. People like Mitch McConnell and his cronies did not want a red tsunami unless they had fellow RINOs as the winning candidates. They wanted the status quo of the Uniparty Swamp and that means more of what we’ve been seeing the last two years.

I also spoke to Ira Bershatsky, Our Gold Guy, about what all this means for the future of the economy.

I concluded by explaining why I am accelerating The intention was to launch it on Roku and other television platforms early next year. That intention was based on my naïve assumption that there would be a significant red wave if not a full-blown red tsunami. Now that we are sitting in a red puddle and watching most in conservative media already changing the subject to 2024, I’m moving up my timeline to this week or next for launch. It won’t be on the television networks, but the site is necessary to get the ball rolling for disseminating the truth.

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