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Reader Post | By TIGER


I wanted to reply mainly because we all need to feel like we are not in this alone.

You mentioned that today is very different from when the Union was formed. I agree. Which is why I think we need some changes. What I am trying to get others to realize is, the changes we have made, mixing Socialism into our government, have not worked and will not work ever. So far there seem to be very few that appreciate this, it seems they cannot get away from the idea that the government “should take care of the poor”. In fact, I can’t get anyone into an argument over this. Talk about brainwashing, I think we patriots suffer from it more than we realize. There are other things we need to fix, like truth in government, or putting an end to advertising in media, but removing Socialism is something I see as essential or all this will come back.

No one would have dreamed of asking George Washington to start writing people checks. There was a rebellion when the soldiers asked for their back pay and the cupboard was bare, so they were put down. The soldiers were asking for money they earned, not for freebies.

The Left have shown their true colors. The Left are not blue, they are a black cancer. Going forward, there must be no Left. Going forward, anyone who cannot support themselves should be given something to do, whether it is learn gardening or learn what a citizen should know, or do calisthenics, or dig holes and fill them up, and they should not be able to vote while they are a ward of the government. This idea of a “kinder” government is BS that enables nefarious people to manipulate the system while telling people how moral they are and how immoral those others are who understand what government should really be doing. Government welfare is a scam, it is not the Idea Of America, and it must STOP or all the people who have died in this war died for nothing and the survivors will experience an ultimate 1984 tyranny with NO recourse EVER and there will be no going back in time (as in The Terminator) to fix things. Where is McCarthy when you REALLY NEED him? DEAD! 

Patriots need to WAKE UP as well and smell the coffee. Patriots need to understand, the cure for this ISN’T just publishing truth and throwing some people into a garbage disposal. The CURE is going to be a STRONG MEDICINE, not a spoonful of sugar. Patriots need to be discussing WHAT IS THE REAL JOB OF GOOD GOVERNMENT and what DESTROYS good government, in the latter case, after seeing it happen first hand, watching it happen for years and years and decades and decades. What’s been going on is STUPID, it is WRONG, and it needs to be FIXED, and we had D— well better start seeing people talking about what is wrong with our government and FIXING it, or WE are the ones who are going to be in the disposal, the Star Wars trash compactor, and it WON’T end well, I have a VERY bad feeling about this.




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