The Crimes Of Mass Murderers And Thieves Quicken Before The Cataclysm, FTX’s Money Laundering In Ukraine For The Cabal The Tip Of The Iceberg, As The Plundering Of America Accelerates

by Madame Defarge, All News Pipeline:

The past week has revealed two very interesting situations that will effect us in the near future. One is the revelation that an EU vice president and six of her lackeys have been arrested for taking $1 million in bribes from Qatar. Also two Americans are under a cloud, a retired Marine general is under investigation and an ex American ambassador pleaded guilty to accepting bribes. The gushers of funds keep rising to the surface as desperation of the thieves accelerates before the cataclysm. 


Also in an unrelated situation during an interview in Der Spiegel, Angela Merkel admitted that the 2014 Minsk Peace Accords were just a front so that Ukraine would have time to rearm. Another coincidence is that the Fried kid at FTX was laundering money from the US taxpayer through Ukraine and back to the DC political cabals. The Fried boy was arrested to keep his mouth shut as to who was he laundering money for and where it went. I imagine that any life insurance policies he was carrying have been cancelled by the underwriters.

The moral pillars of our society have crumbled and this has led to a run on our treasury as well as our societal standards. Leadership by the left habitually leads to massive corruption and incompetence by the type of people you did not invite to the HS prom and they have not forgotten it. The gushers of money are voted by acclamation and not the budgetary process that is constitutional. This allows 3,000 pages of graft to slide through in 24 hours providing appropriate parachutes for the insiders.

One money sponge that feeds on the gushers are the church benevolent societies. These groups receive large government checks for the support of illegal aliens. These millions do provide some food and shelter to people but there is always enough left for a healthy skimming. I thought churches relied on members for donations for charitable works. Wrong again! The people that are sponsored by these groups are given things that American citizens do not receive from their own government. Our taxes go to aliens and do not help our own people. 

The medical industry is a totally owned subsidiary of the Pharma complex. It has moved this way rather quickly since the advent of ‘bammy care.‘ Billions of dollars in government subsidies to drugs companies are a huge source of profit for the Hospital Industry with the usual corrupt system leading the way. If you don’t get stuck, you can’t come in.

new German study on vaccine mortality is finally getting media recognition. All those young lives wasted with suicide or with birth defects is now apparent. The sterilization of young people is horrifying. Prescribing useless or dangerous drugs is all in a days work for your friendly doctor. It is a job requirement but he also gets a commission to pay his tuition loans or buy the new beach house. Joseph Mengele would be proud.

The Army is filled with perverts of various types in another obammy innovation. The latest revelation is that wearing dog masks to sexually mount subordinates also dressed as dogs is not punished or even discouraged in todays’ military. The lack of condemnation from within the Army reveals that the officer corps is totally corrupt. They will tolerate anything that leads to a flag rank. As we all know their are hundreds more generals now than during WW2 even though the army is about 15% of the size it was then.

The Ukraine is quite the magnet for the financially connected of all types. Why in the world was school teachers union president Randi Weingarten in Ukraine? Would it be to try to protect herself from the illegal campaign contribution trail through the FTX scam? Could it have something to do with the illegal gain of function labs there. After all, she was instructing the FDA on how to keep her schools closed which extended the paid vacation for woke teachers.

The sad thing is that these are all revelations of the past couple of months. There are so many that we have forgotten other large monetary scandals such as the Clinton Foundation, ACORN, CAIR and BLM just to name a few.

Will we CREATE change in the coming year or just whine and await our fate?

Courage is the first and most important step in defending our values, without courage there is no protection for our lives.

The Madame,  Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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