MTA Reducing Monday And Friday Service For Some Subway Lines

New York city is back! And by that, of course, we mean, is shuttering hours for its subway during the week.

Blaming the move on a “post-pandemic landscape”, Bloomberg reported this week that some subway lines could wind up seeing less service on Mondays and Fridays, while others may see an increase on weekends.

The MTA is apparently “adjusting” to the new landscape, which smells a lot to us like ridership is likely lower due to (1) frightened citizens fleeing the city for other destinations to live in and (2) remaining citizens frightened to ride the subway, the core of where attacks and crime have riddled New York City over the last several years.

Either way, subway ridership is about 75% of pre-pandemic levels on weekends, the report says, higher than the 60% of pre-pandemic levels during the week.

The report cites more people working from home as a key reason for the lower ridership. To support that assumption data shows that an average Thursday sees about 380,000 riders, while a Friday only sees 280,000.

Rich Davey, head of MTA’s subways and buses, said this week: “The changes reflect what our customers are asking for and how our customers are using our service, which is more weekend service proportional to pre-Covid and less on Mondays and Fridays.”

The 1, 6, 7, E ,F, L and Q lines on Mondays and Fridays will see service reduced. According to the MTA, it should only cost riders an additional “3 to 30 seconds” of wait time. That is, on top of the hour you’ve likely already spent on the platform watching rats drag around slices of pizza…

The MTA is proposing that the changes take place in June – and they are still subject to a vote. 


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