Good Samaritan Rescues Freezing Cat Stuck to Ground in Michigan

A cat is alive and well after it was found stuck to the ground in Michigan amid the winter storm that swept the nation.

A good Samaritan, identified as “Kelly,” discovered the “older male” cat at Laketon Avenue and Wood Street in Muskegon on Monday morning and brought him to the Big Lake Animal Community Clinic to be healed and checked for a microchip, according to the clinic.

When the cat arrived at the facility, his eyes were crusted shut, and he had a low body temperature of 94 degrees.

“Life saving treatment was started immediately by the vet and staff, with warm IV fluids, warming him up, cleaning his eyes, and checking for any injuries, then monitored,” the clinic stated.

Following being treated, clinic staff shared on Facebook that the cat is doing well and resting comfortably.

Veterinarian staff told NBC affiliate WZZM 13 that the next 24 hours would still be critical for the cat’s recovery.

The clinic is calling the cat “Elliot” as it is the name given to the recent winter storm.

The facility is asking anyone who has information or knows the cat to contact Big Lake Animal Clinic at 231-799-1074. They are also asking for donations to help with medical costs.

While this cat mostly came out unscathed from his injuries sustained as a result of the winter storm, another cat in the area was not as lucky.

WZZM 13 reported that a cat lost a leg three days before Christmas after it had crawled into the engine of someone’s car to stay warm in Stanton, Michigan. The car owner did not know the cat was inside and severely injured the feline when they started the vehicle.

The winter storm has disrupted the Christmas week for millions of Americans through power outages and thousands of flight delays and has also been tragically deadly for others.

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