An important message from John Campbell

by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

This popular, highly respected medical educator has gone from full blue pill to full red pill on the COVID vax. He has just called for a pause to the COVID vaccine. BRAVO. The end is near.

The canary in the coal mine has just spoken out.

When you follow the evidence, it only leads to one place: the truth.


John Campbell, who has been a nurse and taught nurses for 27 years, has had a gradual journey from full blue pill to red pill.

Now he’s fully out of the closet.

As of yesterday, he’s now officially on our side as far as the COVID vaccine only (the other vaccines will take more time):

In my view the UK health authorities should pause the current covid-19 vaccination programme, due to the risks associated with vaccination.

I therefore consider that the UK government authorities should pause the current covid mass vaccination programme, until a full, population scale risk / benefit analysis is carried out, and published for free and open peer review.

He couldn’t announce his transition on his YouTube channel because they would cancel his channel. So he announced it on Rumble:

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