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Are New COVID-19 Variants Being Driven By Vaccines?

Right from the outset of the Covid vaccination campaigns, many people were concerned that the widespread use of vaccines could encourage the coronavirus to evolve in ways that enable it to evade immunity. The late Nobel prize-winning scientist Professor Luc Montagnier was in no doubt about this, asserting that history will show Covid vaccinations created viral variants. Predictably, of course, along with most of the mainstream media, the pharmaceutical and medical establishment remains in deep denial over this possibility. But with a recent Wall Street Journal article examining the evidence and openly asking whether the vaccines are fueling new Covid variants, there are clear signs that the facts are beginning to emerge.

As the Wall Street Journal article explains, growing evidence suggests that repeated vaccinations may be driving the rapid evolution of the coronavirus and making people more susceptible to a new Omicron variant known as XBB. The mutations of the XBB variant enable it to evade antibodies resulting from previous Covid infections and vaccines, as well as existing monoclonal antibody treatments.

This evolutionary development of the coronavirus is essentially consistent with Darwinian theory and its description of the mechanisms of natural selection. Under selective evolutionary pressures, mutations that enable the virus to evade common antibodies have a better chance of surviving, reproducing, and transmitting.

The link between more vaccine doses and an increased risk of COVID-19

The Wall Street Journal article describes how a Cleveland Clinic study that tracked its healthcare workers found that those receiving more doses of the vaccines were at higher risk of becoming sick with COVID-19. Workers receiving three more doses were 3.4 times more likely to become infected than unvaccinated people, while those getting two were just 2.6 times as likely. The study authors specifically noted that theirs was not the only research to uncover a link between more vaccine doses and an increased risk of COVID-19.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, the XBB variant has recently become the predominant strain in the Northeast of the United States – a region which just happens to be the most vaccinated and boosted in the entire country. A similar pattern has been observed in Singapore, a country whose vaccination and booster rates are among the world’s highest.

Fact-checking the fact checkers

Based on the content of its recent article, the Wall Street Journal is clearly beginning to recognize some of the risks of Covid vaccines. Significantly, therefore, the article came only days after the newspaper had published details of the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s game-changing patent on a micronutrient combination that inhibits the coronavirus. A historic development in the fight against COVID-19, a growing awareness of this revolutionary natural healthcare approach will ultimately threaten multibillions of dollars-worth of sales in coronavirus drugs and vaccines.

Given what is at stake, we should not be surprised to find that the Reuters news agency reacted quickly to what it must have perceived as the Wall Street Journal stepping out of line. Citing a video featuring Professor Luc Montagnier that was “making the rounds on social media,” it hastily published a so-called ‘Fact Check’ story which disingenuously claimed there was “no evidence vaccination efforts against COVID-19 have caused new COVID-19 variants.” As one of the world’s largest news agencies Reuters would clearly have known that this statement is inaccurate. Unfortunately, however, in the world of the mainstream media, issuing ill-founded blanket denials of this type is becoming all too common these days.

With the evidence growing that new Covid variants are indeed being driven by vaccines, it’s time for the rest of the mainstream media to follow the lead of the Wall Street Journal and take the possibility seriously. Failure to do so would only further fuel the media’s diminishing credibility in the eyes of the public.

Paul Anthony Taylor
Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation and one of the coauthors of our explosive book, “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’”, Paul is also our expert on the Codex Alimentarius Commission and has had eye-witness experience, as an official observer delegate, at its meetings.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Paul’s background was in the music industry, where he worked as a keyboard player and programmer with artists including Paul McCartney, Bryan Ferry, Bill Withers, the Verve, Texas, and Primal Scream.

He first became interested in natural health after falling ill with a chronic fatigue syndrome-related disorder in 1991 and subsequently making a full recovery through the use of natural health therapies. After meeting Dr. Rath and Dr. Niedzwiecki at an anti-Codex rally in Berlin in 2002, Paul was inspired to make a life-changing decision to leave the music industry to work for the Foundation and help defend the right of patients worldwide to have free access to natural health approaches.

You can find Paul on Twitter at @paulanthtaylor

Der Executive Director der Dr. Rath Health Foundation ist einer der Koautoren des explosiven Buchs „Die Nazi-Wurzeln der Brüsseler EU“. Paul ist auch unser Experte zum Thema „Codex Alimentarius-Kommission“ und hat Augenzeugenerfahrung als offizieller beobachtender Teilnehmer bei diesen Treffen.

Bevor er seine Arbeit bei der Stiftung antrat war Paul in der Musikindustrie aktiv. Er arbeitete als Keyboard-Spieler und Programmierer mit Künstlern wie Paul McCartney, Bryan Ferry, Bill Withers, the Verve, Texas und Primal Scream.

Sein Interesse an natürlicher Gesundheit wuchs, als er 1991 an Störungen erkrankte, die aus einem chronischen Erschöpfungssyndrom resultierten. Durch natürliche Gesundheitstherapien wurde er schließlich vollständig geheilt. Ein Treffen 2002 mit Dr. Rath und Dr. Niedzwiecki bei einer Anti-Codex-Demonstration in Berlin inspirierte ihn zu einer lebensverändernden Entscheidung und er verließ die Musikindustrie um für die Stiftung zu arbeiten und das Recht der Patienten zu verteidigen, weltweit freien Zugang zu natürlichen Gesundheitsverfahren zu haben.

Auf Twitter ist Paul unter @paulanthtaylor zu finden.

Paul Anthony Taylor

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