The Collective West Might as Well Nominate Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize

by Natasha Wright, Strategic Culture:

Not even the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine would have happened if there hadn’t been for the relentless NATO expansion towards the East. And now NATO is even trying to do their ‘(un)fair’ share in the Asian Pacific region.

After Barack Obama winning the Nobel prize for peace in 2009 in the form of political ‘advance payment ‘ the very moment he became U.S. President, and after the Ukranian activists got ‘legitimized’ as the activists for the alleged human rights they were /are advocating, which funnily enough, happen to be financed by CIA, through the National Heritage for Democracy, why on Earth not NATO General Secretary to be a candidate this year? Anyway, the connection between the CIA and human rights seems to be the equivalent of NATO and world peace in their political glossaries.


It then seems only too logical that there came the news from the Parliament of Norway on 6th January 2023 that the proud candidate for the Nobel peace prize for 2023 is Jens Stoltenberg for his ‘extraordinary’ commitment and ‘superb’ contribution to NATO in these trying times, particularly because in his capacity of NATO General Secretary, he has been putting forth vehement and adamant opposition to Russia.

Stoltenberg even admitted that NATO have been arming Ukraine since the military coup in 2014, which is by the way, “a century-old method of making peace and not war” and hence, it is blatantly obvious that this is why Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation remarked the other day that the ongoing events in Ukraine are not military conflicts of Russia and Kiev but this military conflict is between NATO (USA and UK predominantly) and Russia. Furthermore, this assessment was confirmed by Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban: “A huge chunk of Europe is already involved in this war ” – he pointed out with much needed political wisdom.

“Those who send off weapons to Ukraine are at war at least up to their ankles deep. Those who train Ukrainian soldiers are at war up to their knees and those who for the whole year finance one side to the war by financing military and government spending, in the manner EU does, with the 18 billion euros, it means they are at war up to their waist deep. I sincerely hope that the EU will not get entangled in it up to their necks. Hungary is keeping out of it all. We firmly believe that there should be a truce at this very moment and we need peace negotiations and eventually peace.” This genuinely heartfelt message of peace by Victor Orban , for which he regrettably hasn’t been awarded candidacy for the Nobel peace prize, was commented on by Carl Bildt, the former Prime Minister of Sweden and the infamous NATO activist at that, with utmost scorn and derision: “Is Hungary really an EU member state?”

Meanwhile, all the remaining dilemmas as for the nature and the role of NATO participation in this conflict in Ukraine if there still were any left, were sorted by Ukrainian Minister of Defence Olexeii Reznikov saying: “Russia is the chief threat for NATO. Ukraine is at present eliminating this threat and in so doing it is performing actions in line with the NATO mission”. For matters to get even more absurdly cynical, at the very moment while he was being recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize candidacy, Stoltenberg called upon his friends and enemies to brace themselves for yet another war. “The weaponry is the pathway to peace – he said in all seriousness. “The regime in Moscow wants a different Europe which places Russia in the position of an incessant conflict with the Collective West but Russia is not the only issue” – this warmongering peacekeeper added desperately trying to command authority, but failing miserably in his political temper tantrums unbefitting of an adult in his position.”

It is very dangerous to depend on authoritative regimes, this wretched travesty of a peacekeeper says. “The mistake we made in relation to Russia must not be repeated in relation to other authoritative regimes either, predominantly in relation to China!” “These authoritative regimes”, says the Nobel peace prize candidate in all his authority, now increased their cooperation! A few weeks before the Russian “invasion of Ukraine”, the President Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping met in Beijing announcing their strategic partnership without borders! Russia and China increasingly and operationally connect their military troops and take them for joint military exercise! They (i.e. Russia and China) have increased their economic cooperation and China hasn’t yet condemned the Russian ‘invasion’ of Ukraine! – warns temper tantrum Stoltenberg. He goes on to add: “China is pushing the Russian narrative, blaming NATO for everything! Besides, China has for the first time upheld the Russian request that NATO should close its doors for new member states! These regimes (Chinese and Russians, that is) are different but what they have in common is that they promote an “alternative world order!”

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