The Globalist Covid Power Grab Is Now Officially DEAD – Learn What Comes Next!

“It’s all been wargamed by the Rockefeller Foundation, by Johns Hopkins, by the Pentagon and the big ugly truth about all this is that China is our arch enemy, China is pure evil but the Communist Chinese were set up by the Deep State Globalists and the current leadership going back decades at the Pentagon are the ones that actually, working with Obama and Fauci created this virus, created the whole worldwide plan and rolled it out, using China as the cut-out at Wuhan Lab for plausible deniability.

“And so, the people running our government hate our military, the people running our military hate our military. They did this to purge the military and kick out the good people and to poison the rest and this is how you take down America. And they’re doing it at the behest of the Communist Chinese but the Globalists are the ones that ran the attack.

“So let that sink in, Ladies and Gentlemen. And that whole crew; Milley, Austin, all of them have been in the boardrooms, commanding the whole operation against us, OK?

“And they run the censorship and they run the control and that came out two years ago and I already told you that the Pentagon worldwide was coordinating with the British intelligence and the British military PSYOPs, in Europe, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Canada and here and other places to create the, quote brainwashing; fear, headlines terrorizing the public. Remember all those headlines?

“It’s not that the average person in the military is bad. It’s not that you dad or your mom who was in the military is bad. It’s that the bad guys always want to control the military and if they can launch a bioattack against their own people and then roll out controls that put you in a permanent form of a national emergency and martial law – that Trudeau’s been public about, that Ardern’s been public about in New Zealand – then they have conquered their own people.

“And what’s the number one threat of a powerful country or an empire, in history? It’s never an outside enemy. They always fall from within by special interests getting control of the military.

“Everybody knows that about the Third World, everybody knows it about Ancient Rome, everybody knows it about Nazi Germany, everybody knows it about coups everywhere else. This is a high tech, massive PSYOP.

“If the Pentagon said ‘We’re working with foreign corporations, that they were going to engage in a coup and a national ID and a biomedical ID and track every facet of your life and control you and tell you when you can leave your house and when you can’t,’ Americans would never accept it but by launching the bioattack, they did – just like the ‘V for Vendetta’ plot from 15-16 years ago.

“And I’ve got clips of them admitting all of it when we come back…

“It’s all a scripted master plan but it’s not going the way they wanted it to. They predicted a lot of how we’d fight back but we overpowered them. But I have analyzed how they’re going to try to regroup. Here’s General Flynn about a year ago, about a year after my SPARS report, two years ago, saying, as the former head of Defense Intelligence, saying – and this is key – that it’s a wargame that they actually went operational with…

“They predict it will bring down governments, they predict it’ll bring down Big Pharma heads but then they describe how that will bring and even more authoritarian government on the back of it. Remember, they want to shut down society, they want to shut off the pipelines, they want to lock down the Third World and flood us with Third World populations that are starving, they want to de-stabilize everything.

“People say, ‘Why would they do something so bold?’ Because it’s a takedown, Ladies and Gentlemen. But they’re way behind schedule and the world is exponentially waking up.”


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