Bakers in France Protest Over Energy and the Survival of the Baguette

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

French bakers are another casualty of the war in Ukraine. They demand government support to keep producing baguettes.

Concern Mounts Over Baguettes 

Please consider France’s Baguette Becomes Another Ukraine War Casualty

The fallout of the war in Ukraine is hitting even France’s iconic baguette, which was recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list. On Monday, French bakers took to the streets of Paris to protest soaring energy and other prices they say are imperiling their trade.


Denis Durand begins his workdays at 3:30 a.m. to bake the crusty baguettes and croissants that are the staple of French breakfasts. He says bakers like himself — known as “boulangers” in France — are seeing their profits disappearing. They get a lot of promises from the government, he says — but nothing concrete.

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire also called on energy providers to renegotiate contracts for boulangers in cases where energy prices have exploded.

But many of these artisanal bakers say it’s not enough. And on Monday, Durand joined fellow boulangers in Paris to demonstrate against the soaring costs. The protest was organized by the Collective for the Survival of Boulangers and Artisans.

Collective for the Survival of [Me]

Boulangers are the “lifeblood of France,” says Durand. Who can argue with that idea given the venerable baguette is now on the World Heritage list.

If the baguette goes, France will surely sink into oblivion.

But what about the survival of [me too]?

The “me too” group includes butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, taxi drivers, book store owners, solar panel installers, and everyone else.

It’s hard to save everyone, so we have to start with the lifeblood of France.

That’s why the French Economy Minister called on energy providers to renegotiate contracts for boulangers.

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