Glimmer Man appears during native Lakota drum circle

A witness describes the appearance of a ‘Glimmer Man’ during a drum circle on the banks of the Missouri River in North Dakota. Some people believe that these are cloaked Bigfoot.

I received the following account from the witness several years ago:

“I’m writing you from North Dakota and I was intrigued when I saw the term “Glimmer Man” on your website. I had a similar encounter two summers ago in the area called Kimball Bottoms or as the locals call it “The Desert.” Anyway I was down there at a drum circle they were having and I don’t know if it was the drumming that attracted this thing or what. I was facing the water and banks of the Missouri River and it still being light outside (around 7pm in the summer) I could see everything clearly. I thought I saw a heat signature on the opposite bank, like heat rising off a hot parking lot in the summer). This stood out to me as I’d been staring in that area.

Anyway, zoning out as I went into an almost trance-like state due to the drumming, I started seeing this thing move. I stopped drumming and walked over to the edge of the bank. The more I watched the more I realized that this heat signature looked like it had arms and legs and was like swaying to the drumming still going on behind me. My friend came up and asked what I was looking at and as I pointed it out to her other people from the circle started to notice that we were pointing and staring at something across the river. More people stopped drumming and joined us at the bank. Some could see what we were seeing and others couldn’t. Eventually, nobody was drumming anymore and this “glimmer man” had stopped swaying and was watching us watch him. More than one person had mentioned that it looked like the invisible (yet visible) alien from the movie “Predator.” It was after maybe three mins of watching this “invisible being” (and yes many people tried taking pictures and video of it) only to not see anything when reviewing the images on their phones. Not surprising when you are trying to photograph a nearly invisible heat signature-looking thing).

At one point we could see this thing move back into the tall reeds and were surprised as the reeds parted. Those who didn’t see the being couldn’t help but see the reed part as it moved away. A few of us sat there for a good hour waiting to see if this invisible being came back, but we didn’t see anything. However many people freaked themselves out by talking about “where this entity could be?” Was it lurking in the water, walking along the shore, hiding in the trees, etc? I have to agree they all had viable points. It was a very surreal encounter and only deepened my beliefs on things existing in the folds of what we call reality.” JJ


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