NBA Fines Brooklyn Nets Player Cam Thomas $40K for Gay Slur in TNT Interview

The NBA has fined Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas for using a “derogatory” word for gays during a short interview with TNT’s Jared Greenberg.

TNT cornered Thomas and fellow player Spencer Dinwiddie down on the court after the Nets’ 116-105 win against the Chicago Bulls last Thursday, and Greenberg brought up Dinwiddie’s comment earlier in the week when he joked that while the Nets may not have acquired the best players in its recent trade, it got “the best-looking” ones, Nets Daily reported.

In reply, Thomas laughed and told Greenburg, “I seen it. But I was like, ‘Man, he just talking.’ We already had good-looking dudes,” then added, “no homo.”

Thomas quickly realized his off-the-cuff comment was a big mistake and that he had just walked into a woke minefield. He jumped to Twitter after the game and offered an apology.

“I want to apologize for the insensitive word I used in the post-game interview. I was excited about the win and was being playful. I definitely didn’t intend to offend anyone, but realize that I probably did. My apologies again. Much love,” he wrote.

But the apology was insufficient to stave off the NBA’s reprisal for the “no homo” quip.

According to a post at the NBA’s office of communications, Executive Vice President and Head of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars lowered the boom on Friday. They leveled a $40,000 fine on the 21-year-old player.

This is Thomas’ first NBA fine.

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