EU trying to force all member states, including resisters Hungary and Poland, to accept same-sex “marriage”

(Natural News) Eastern Europe is not quite “gay” enough for the leadership of the European Union (EU), which is pushing to LGBT-ify countries like Poland and Hungary against their will.

The EU Commission is planning to implement a “European parenthood certificate” that has the potential to force all member states to accept surrogacy and same-sex “marriage” as established institutions.

The stated goal of the EU Initiative is “to ensure that parenthood, as established in one EU country, is recognised across the EU, so that children maintain their rights in cross-border situations, in particular when their families travel or move within the EU.”

Eastern Europe is still largely normal compared to the gay-ified West, which includes Western Europe. So, in order to synthesize sexual deviancy across the bloc, the EU is hoping to force Poland and Hungary into compliance through this new certificate scheme.

“The introduction of a new legal category, ‘parenthood,’ which goes beyond the current terminology of ‘filiation,’ does have an impact on family domestic law,” said Vincenzo Bassi, president of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE).

“Beyond the declared intention of not interfering with Member States’ family law, this scenario would put the Commission’s proposal in contradiction with Art. 9 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, stating that ‘The right to marry and the right to found a family shall be guaranteed in accordance with the national laws governing the exercise of these rights.’”


(Related: Pope Francis, one of Barack Obama’s buddies, is a strong proponent of LGBT “marriage”; homosexuals “are children of god.”)

Poland, Hungary to veto EU’s forced same-sex marriage and surrogacy scheme

FAFCE says it is gravely concerned about “the de facto recognition of the practice of surrogacy in the initiative,” which violates both the fundamental rights and bodily integrity of women used as surrogate mothers, “but also the rights of the child, who can in this way become a victim of human trafficking.”

“Indeed, the above-said initiative of the European Commission, if approved, would automatically extend the legal effects of the filiation to all types of ‘parenthood’ legally acquired in one Member State, including through surrogacy, in all EU Member-States uniformly,” the group indicated in a press release.

“While the European Commission’s proposal presents the child’s best interest as a pillar of its proposal, the inclusion of surrogacy as one of the areas addressed is against these very best interests.”

In order to be officially passed into law, the same-sex scheme must first be adopted by the Council of the EU through a unanimous vote of all 27 member states following a consultation with the European Parliament. Since Poland and Hungary are planning to veto it, the proposal is already dead in the water – at least for now.

Poland, Hungary, and other European countries that are much more conservative than the EU may want to think twice about their membership in this unelected-globalist-run pseudo-government.

“Any nation now a member of the EU should exit ASAP unless they wish to be ruled by Klaus Schwab’s WEF / NWO mentality,” one commenter wrote about the matter. “Freedom is non-existent with them & each member desiring to remain will lose their national identity & history moving forward.”

“The article, in a unique manner, explains what all of this–LGBTQ, gender neutrality, parent No. 1, parent No. 2, transgenderism, postgenderism, transhumanism, posthumanism, singularity – is all about: the attempt to remove our humanity by first removing our identity, so that we can be more easily manipulated, controlled, and robotized,” wrote another. “That’s what’s going on.”

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