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A One-Sided Battle

Russia is effectively led by a preeminent world leader.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA’s imitation leader is a mumbling, bumbling White House imposter, a detached from reality buffoon.

The fake Biden showed up in Kiev on Monday.

Likely unaware of where he was or why he was there, his handlers know that their war on Russia by use of cannon fodder Ukrainian troops was lost on day-one of the Russian Federation’s liberating SMO.

Was the fake JB dispatched to Kiev to acknowledge reality on the ground — that challenging Russia militarily was a colossal error, that Ukrainian Nazis were defeated on day-one of its SMO?

Defying what’s indisputable, the NYT falsely claimed that the fake JB’s arrival in Kiev was to show his regime’s “unwavering support” for dead man walking Ukraine, a Nazi-infested hellhole, a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Over half a million Ukrainian casualties is proof positive of how overwhelmingly Russian forces defeated the scourge of Nazism along its border.

The prospect of Ukrainian Nazis and their US/Western paymasters transforming defeat into triumph is virtually zero.

Yet supporting what demands condemnation, the NYT hyperventilated as follows, saying:

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies “can’t go wobbly on (Nazi-infested) Ukraine.” 

Turning a blind eye and deaf ear to its defeat by overpowering Russian military and tactical superiority, the Times sounded delusional, saying:

Hegemon USA “should support (Nazi-infested) Ukraine as much as it takes, as long as it takes, until the Russian military suffers a decisive, unmistakable defeat (sic).”

Russia resoundingly defeated the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster with no prospect of turning things around.

The fake Biden’s “surprise” visit to Kiev was planned well in advance.

Vowing more US support for a lost cause, the fake Biden and buffoon Zelensky are the most pathetic examples of non-leadership on the world stage.

Yet according to a pro-Nazi White House statement, the fake JB’s visit to Kiev “reaffirms (hegemon USA’s) unwavering and unflagging commitment to Ukraine’s (fantasy) democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity (sic).”

Reading lines scripted for him to recite, the fake Biden said the following:

“Later this week, (the empire of lies) will announce additional sanctions against” Russia — even though unparalleled numbers of earlier ones accomplished nothing strategic against a largely self-sufficient nation.

The fake Biden and undemocratic Dems infesting his regime are an unparalleled scourge on the world stage.

The same reality applies to hegemon USA’s Western vassals.

According to  Professor of Political History and International Diplomacy, Joseph Siracusa:

The Biden regime “mishandled the Chinese, the Iranians and North Korea.”

It’s “got nothing to show in two years in office.”

In Kiev, the fake JB promised to provide Ukrainian Nazis with another $500 in military aid without acknowledging how effectively Russia is destroying what’s sent.

Remarks like the following show his detachment from reality, saying:

“Vladimir  Putin thought Ukraine was weak and the West was divided (sic).” 

“He thought he could outlast us (sic).”

“He’s just been plain wrong (sic). 

“One year later, the evidence is right here in this room (sic).”

“We stand here together (sic).” 

“Americans stand with you and the world stands with you (sic).”

The above remarks and others like them reflect the mindset of a detached from reality buffoon.

Russia defeated the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.

The fake Biden likely can’t locate Ukraine on a map.

Polls show declining US public support for supplying Ukrainian Nazis with weapons and other aid.

According to Professor Siracusa:

Going to “war (was) forced on the American people.” 

“There’s no groundswell to go to war with Russia over Ukraine.” 

“There’s no groundswell to defend Ukraine.”

“There is not a scrap of piece of paper.”

“There’s not a scrap of paper that says that the (empire of lies) is obliged to come to the defense of Ukraine in a dispute with Russia.”

“There is not a scrap of paper that says the Russian Federation is an enemy of the US” or any other nations. 

War on Russia by the empire of lies was planned and implemented by undemocratic Dems.

Ongoing since the US 2014 coup in Kiev, it’s a struggle between the scourge of US/Western evil against nonthreatening Russia.

The fake Biden and regime his represents gambled on seeking victory in Ukraine over militarily superior Russia and lost.

Knowing the reality of a lost cause in Ukraine, will US-initiated nuclear confrontation follow?

The threat is ominously real at a time of ongoing WW III.

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