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Submitted by Walter Block, Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics, Loyola University New Orleans,

Is it really true that, absent racial discrimination, all demographic groups would end up being equally represented in all fields of endeavor?

And would do equally well at all of them?

That would appear to the expectation of the DEI philosophy. Since this is patently not true at present, they conclude that racial discrimination is indeed responsible for all deviations from this ideal of theirs.

The reason blacks who comprise some 13% of the US population do not even roughly approximate that proportion in STEM fields such as mathematics or physics is due to systemic discrimination and racism. The explanation for the fact that Jews, who represent roughly 2% of the overall population are doctors, lawyers and STEM intellectuals to a far greater degree than that, is, again, wait for it, due to the same cause, bigotry on the part of the powers that be.

These beliefs are on a par with superstition.

If a black cat crosses your path, or if you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck. The way to evade this otherwise necessary result is to toss salt over your shoulder. If you step on a crack in the sidewalk you will break your mother’s back. Witches cause maladies as they ride around in the air on their nuclear-powered brooms. Ok, ok, I added a bit to this latter one. Chalk that down to poetic license. Their brooms are really fueled by pure evil, not nuclear power.

So much for DEI equality. It, too, is entirely a superstition.

Equity, in sharp contrast, is fairness. This has been interpreted by wokists as equal proportionality in all professional callings. So it is not only due to racism that the various demographic groups are not proportionately represented in all labor market occupations, it is unfair to boot. This means, if it means anything, that we should kick out of the NBA and the NFL a sufficient number of superlative black athletes until they remain only a 13% representation. In similar manner, medicine, the legal and STEM professions must reduce Jewish participation until they arrive at the 2% level. Equity, here, implies, in like manner, that the excess number of people in these job slots be fired.

The politically correct will object to this modest proposal on the ground that people are already ensconced in their present positions. It would be improper to engage in such mass firings. However, for the future, we should ensure that these results obtain.

This is equity? No. This is madness.

It is a pure unadulterated violation of justice. It is based, entirely, on superstition.

There is no evidence, whatsoever, that absent discrimination, interests, predilections, abilities, etc., would all be the same.

I defy anyone to offer anything even vaguely resembling proof of this contention.

Indeed, there is evidence to the contrary, and plenty of it. I will not offer any here. The interested reader should consult some of the books of Thomas Sowell, who has done more and better research on this issue than any other scholar on the planet.

I highly recommend these books in this regard:

1975. Race and Economics. New York: Longman

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