The Fight to Save Us from WWIII in the Face of Global Censorship

by Tom Renz, Esq., American Thinker:

Today’s show is the most important show I’ve done to date. We are at war, and I’m doubling down on the fight against our tyrannical government and the WEF globalists that are trying to enslave all of humanity. Recently I brought in some IT and security-type people to look into my website and other content. The follow-up call I received today was pretty funny actually; they said, “wow, you might be the most censored man in America.” I’ve known this for years, but I think people often assume I am exaggerating or being arrogant when I make these claims. This isn’t a joke or an over-exaggeration, and it’s a huge problem that we need to fight head-on.


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Do me a favor and Google search me; let me know if my website comes up. Next, try to click on my website and let me know if you are able to view it without your anti-virus programs popping up and warning you that my site is dangerous. I assure you is as safe as can be. Censorship is the most important fight for us at this juncture in the battle to restore our freedom. It becomes clear once you look at what their plans are for us; the WHO treaty, destruction of our economy and infrastructure, another stolen election, and the threat of World War III, all orchestrated to usher in a one world economy.

I want to commend Sens. Mike Braun and Josh Hawley for reintroducing the “COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023” bill and getting it unanimously passed to declassify COVID-19 origins yesterday. I fear, however, that Braun and Hawley may have been tricked or lied to, because the transparency and accountability that they are seeking with this bill will only result in more deception and disinformation to the American public.

We need people to understand that the result of this bill will uncover only one side of the COVID origin story, China’s involvement and not ours. The truth is that our government funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab, and our DOD was behind it. We need to address the crimes that our own government agencies committed in the creation and release of COVID-19 before they throw us into WWIII. I have the evidence, folks; some of it is a smoking gun, and some of it isn’t. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t make these claims if I didn’t have the evidence to back them up.

Summit news published an article titled “State Department Funded Censorship Group Punished Conservative Websites for Circulating Lab Leak Theory.” The “conspiracy theories” regarding COVID-19 being leaked from the Wuhan lab were “fact-checked and proven untrue” by The Global Disinformation Index organization that received 665,000 from the Global Engagement Center and National Endowment of Democracy (NED) to pressure Big Tech firms like Google to cut advertisement from conservative websites that pushed the lab leak theory. anyone?

How often does this evidence have to come out before the world acknowledges that this is happening and that censorship is a HUGE problem? Microsoft suspended its partnership with the group because of this, Microsoft of all companies! Are you kidding me? When my website is being censored, and they are telling people that it’s a malicious site only because they want to censor the truth, we have a big problem. But it tells you one thing, that what I’m saying is important; if you want to know what’s going on, this is what’s going on.

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