Biden Regime to Arrest Trump?

There’s plenty to hold both wings of the US war party and their criminal gang of thugs responsible for — especially undemocratic Dems under the most ruthless regime in US history running things illegitimately.

There’s plenty of just cause reasons to hold Trump accountable for, especially his regime’s war crimes and OKing use of flu-covid kill shots, causing millions of deaths worldwide.

Arresting him for “trumped up” reasons has no legitimacy.

It would be a follow-up coup d’etat for Dems to solidify their illegitimate grip on power.

Going this far would be just cause for popular revolution — not to save him, to topple to illegitimately installed Biden regime, an unparalleled menace to humanity.

I’m old enough to remember the FDR years and scourge of endless US wars on invented enemies throughout the post-WW II period.

The fake Biden and gang of thugs surrounding him threaten everyone everywhere beyond the worst of their predecessors.

At war on Russia and losing to a superior adversary, the risk of hegemon USA going nuclear is ominously high.

As long as undemocratic Dems run things, world peace, stability and cooperative relations with the world community of nations are off the table in favor of perpetual wars on invented enemies like Russia.

The common thread is their freedom from the scourge of US control.

The empire of lies is in terminal decline.

It’s willing to risk anything to hold onto what’s increasingly beyond its ability to control.

History’s dustbin awaits its arrival.

Trying to avoid its fate may kill us all, especially as long as undemocratic Dems run things.

I wish my health was better to say and do more.

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