The Scourge of Tony Blair

Britain is a US vassal state, colonized and controlled by the empire of lies.

More monster than man, Blair (his predecessors and successors) sold their soul to hegemon USA for special benefits afforded them by raping and destroying nonthreatening Afghanistan, Yemen  Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Along with hegemon USA, Blair bore responsibility for 1.5 million dead Iraqi civilians, mostly children, about 7,000 monthly.

Former UN humanitarian coordinator Dennis Halliday resigned in protest — refusing to be part of state-sponsored “genocide.”

An occupied wasteland replaced the cradle of civilization.

One of history’s great crimes, Iraq is illegally occupied by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Blair justified what was unjustifiable — based on bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception.

What happened had nothing to do with establishing democracy, a notion abhorred and not tolerated by US/Western regimes at home and abroad.

Iraq had nothing to do with US-state-sponsored 9/11 and the horrors that followed.

Blair is an apologetic liar and war criminal.

Defying indisputable reality, he falsely claimed the following, saying:

Ukraine has a “democratically elected president (sic) who, to my knowledge, has never started a regional conflict (sic) or committed any aggression against its neighbors (sic).”

Zelensky is a powerless US-installed puppet, a figure with no legitimacy, a war criminal kleptocrat.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested hellhole, a former nation state transformed into a platform for US aggression on Russia with expendable regime foot soldiers — what’s been ongoing since the US 2014 coup in Kiev.

A special place in hell awaits Blair, likeminded Western monsters and puppet Zelensky.

Russia wastes time and effort by seeking conflict resolution with the empire of lies — its word never its bond.

Force is the only language its ruling regimes understand.

And like other cowards, they eschew fair fights while trashing the rule of law.

The nation I grew up in long ago is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

It’s just a matter of time before it crosses the line to unthinkable nuclear war.

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