Brooks: TikTok Part of the ‘Battlefield’ in ‘Cold War’ with China

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that “We’re in the middle of a cold war with China” and technology like TikTok is “the battlefield” in this cold war.

Brooks said, “We’re in the middle of a cold war with China. It’s started. And this has happened over two administrations, but especially with the Biden administration. It’s now official U.S. policy — and I support it, I’m just saying how stark and dramatic we should take it — official U.S. policy to ban…the chips and the technology used to make the chips that could go into a phone, a car, a toaster, or a missile, or a drone, or A.I. technology. So, we are now really trying to crack down on, not the Chinese military, but the Chinese economy, because there’s really no difference between these two things. So that is just a very stark thing. So, if you’re wondering, were we in a cold war? Well, we were against the Soviets. We’re now behaving like we are against China. And I think we are with the Chinese.”

He continued, “And it tends to hit technology most. TikTok, [5G], chips, green energy, that’s the battlefield in this cold war, who controls the technology?”

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