Elon Musk Nukes Account That Tweeted Pedophilia ‘Pride Flag’

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Twitter owner Elon Musk has suspended the account of an individual who proudly posted an image of a ‘Youth Attracted Person (YAP) pride flag’, commenting that such content is “Not tolerated on this platform.”

The individual posted the pedophilia colours flag and commented that it was created for ‘Alice Day,’ on April 25th, which is essentially a “pride day” recognised by pedophiles.

The post (pictured above) stated, “Happy Alice Day, to those who celebrate! I figured, why not use today to unveil the YAP (Youth Attracted People) pride flag I designed almost a year ago?”

“I wanted to stray from the oft used horizontal bars motif, but only a little. I wanted to retain some familiarity,” the account titled @zeebdemon also wrote.

Musk responded to a tweet from someone else pointing out that the pedo’s account had been removed from Twitter:

Others chimed in with thoughts:

Musk previously vowed to crack down on perverts and pedos that had previously been allowed to operate on Twitter:

The move by Musk comes after he doubled down on a call to imprison parents and doctors who facilitate transgender treatments for children.

Musk retweeted and commented on several posts relating to the topic:

As we have previously highlighted, there is a growing academic driven movement to ‘destigmatize’ pedophilia:

UN, Globalists Seek To Decriminalise Sex With Minors

‘Queer Ethics Professor’ Calls For Pedophilia To Be Destigmatised And Taught In Schools

SUNY Professor: “It’s a Mistake” to Think Pedophilia is Wrong

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