NYC’s Adams: Abbott’s Migrant-Busing Targets ‘Black-Run’ Cities

Texas Governor Greg Abbott migrant bus service to is ramping back up in a big way — and mayors in destination cities are fuming, especially New York City’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s outgoing Lori Lightfoot. 

“More than 57,000 migrants, mostly hailing from Latin America, have arrived in [New York City] since last spring, while Chicago has fielded more than 8,000 newcomers,” Politico reports.

Overwhelmed with immigrants pouring into his sanctuary city, Adams (left) threw his race card at Abbott (AP photo via
NY Daily News


In a statement issued Monday, Adams accused Abbott of targeting cities based on the skin color of their elected officials

“This weekend, we learned that Governor Abbott is once again deciding to play politics with people’s lives by resuming the busing of asylum seekers to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Washington, D.C.

Not only is this behavior morally bankrupt and devoid of any concern for the well-being of asylum seekers, but it is also impossible to ignore the fact that Abbott is now targeting five cities run by Black mayors. Put plainly, Abbott is using this crisis to hurt Black-run cities.”

We pause to note that, where America’s largest metropolises are concerned, “black-run cities” is increasingly a redundancy. 

Moving on from his implicit accusation of racism, Adams went on to accuse Abbott of shipping migrants to New York against their will, and having security guards “hold them hostage” when they tried to get off in other cities.

He also blamed border states for the overload of immigrants while asking President Biden for help. “With a vacuum of leadership from border states, we need the federal government to step in and provide us with support and to prevent this cruelty from continuing.” That’s an interesting angle, given the federal government routinely opposes states taking border security into their own hands. 

Even Adams has been increasingly critical of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. In April, he said, “The city is being destroyed by the migrant crisis…The national government has turned its back on New York City…This is in the lap of the president of the United States.” Reiterating that desperate messaging on Monday, Adams said, This crisis is more than one city can handle.”

Adams isn’t the only mayor attacking Abbott for sharing the wealth of northbound diversity pouring into the country. On Sunday, Chicago’s Lightfoot, who will exit office on May 15 after a losing reelection bid, sent a letter to Abbott asking him to “stop this inhumane and dangerous action.” 

Lame duck walking: In two weeks, our frequency of Lightfoot photos is poised to dramatically dip

Like Adams, Lightfoot also painted a picture of desperation, saying that, although “Chicago is a Welcoming City…we simply have no more shelters, spaces, or resources to accommodate an increase of individuals at this level.” 

She wrote that many migrants shipped from the Lone Star State “needed extensive medical care. Some of the individuals you placed on buses were women in active labor, and some were victims of sexual assault. None of those needs were addressed in Texas.” 

When Abbott wrote back to Lightfoot on Monday, he didn’t address those allegations. He did, however, point out that that the immigration situation is about to get much worse: 

“With Title 42 expulsions set to end next week, the federal government has estimated that we could have up to 13,000 illegal immigrants cross the U.S.–Mexico border every single day…. If Chicago can’t deal with 8,000 in less than a year, how are small Texas border communities supposed to manage 13,000 in just one day?” 

Abbott told Lightfoot to shift her fire, and urge the Biden administration to “do its job by securing our border [and] repelling the illegal immigrants flooding into our communities.” 

When Lightfoot says shipping people to Chicago is “inhumane and dangerous,” she might just have a point: 


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