David Sacks: The Hegemony of the Professional Class

Venture capitalist David Sacks explains why there is a 30-point gap in voting patterns between the college-educated Professional Class and the Working Class.

DAVID SACKS: The thing about this woke phenomenon is that it spans across corporate America. You have so-called Woke Capitalism. You’ve got ESG, with boards of directors and all these global non-profits; the NGOs, you’ve got the Think Tank World, the media, you’ve got Hollywood. It’s a phenomenon that spans across virtually every major institution in our society.

And so the question is how does something like that happen? I think it can only happen in a shift of attitudes of an entire class of people which in this class is the Professional Class, the class of people that have college degrees.

If you look at polling data on virtually any socio-cultural issue, the biggest divide in the country is not between race or gender. It’s actually on the single variable of whether you have a college degree or not… There’s a 30-point gap, roughly in voting patterns in political affiliation, based on whether you are Professional Class or Working Class, Professional Class meaning you have at least one college degree and the Working Class means you are high-school educated but not a college degree. This is the single biggest divide in the electorate.

It’s downstream of the fact that the universities got taken over a couple of generations ago by the far left.

The quid pro quo of our civilization is if you want the economic and social advancement that a college degree grants you, you have to go to one of these schools and submit to voluntary reeducation for four years. You’re basically indoctrinated in this ideology. It’s the only way to explain why the people graduating from these institutions come out with these far left views that are very different from the rest of the country.

So I tend to think that is what’s happening – and Andrew Sullivan has this line “we all live on campus now” – we all live on campus because campus has indoctrinated two generations of Americans and now they have these views.

Now, it’s not like every single person who goes to college believes in it. I tend to believe there are three groups. There’s the True Believers, who are maybe 10%. Maybe 1% rebel against it and they become either conservative journalists or founders, which is why I can stay in business with the views that I have.

And then roughly 89-90% are certainly the herd. They tend to populate the rank of the professional elite. They get the well-paying corporate jobs; it’s the McKinsey consultants and the bankers at Goldman Sachs and so on.

And then the true believers go to the low-paying professional jobs. It’s the think tanks and foundations and the HR police at corporations, the enforcers of the regime. And they staff the ranks of activist groups in the Democratic party and things like that…

It’s produced this broad phenomenon of all of our institutions going woke at the same time, because all college graduates have breathed-in this ideology and they either support it – or know not to oppose it.

This explains a huge amount of the sense of conflict and division in our society. Two-thirds of the country is Working Class. Only one-third of the country is Professional Class.

The Professional Class holds beliefs and values that are at odds with the Working Class… So you have a democracy in which most of the people don’t agree with the agenda that’s being foisted on them by their institutions…

The people running these institutions are always claiming that what they are doing is in the interest of “democracy”. But democracy is you let the majority of the population exercise its will and get its way and that’s not what is happening here. It’s this Orwellian doublespeak where in the name of “democracy”, you’re doing things like censoring one side of the debate – probably the side of the debate that has the numbers and has more support from most of the people…

You have to wonder if we had a completely fair and level playing field, if Big Tech wasn’t engaging in censorship on behalf of the elite, and the media wasn’t constantly covering for the elite. You’d have to think that maybe these elections go a little differently.

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