In 2 years, Moms for Liberty has gained 120,000 members as mama bears wake up to the dangers of the woke mind virus

by Harris Rigby, Not The Bee:

Something has happened since 2021 and it’s a clear sign of the times.

Starting with the Glenn Youngkin campaign in Virginia, there has been an awakening of moms across the country who object to wokeness in the classroom and the way schools are teaching kids about LGBT issues.

Moms for Liberty, which has been wildly mischaracterized by the press, is a nationwide group of moms who are tired of seeing woke radicals take away parental rights.

And, in just two years, their numbers have skyrocketed.

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What started in Florida has now grown to nearly 300 chapters nationwide and 120,000 members in 45 states, with victory after victory for the organization. “There’s easy things to point to but sometimes it’s harder to point to all of the little wins which are huge to a mom in a small county somewhere or a small school district who has been fighting tooth and nail to expose the pornography in the classrooms,” explained (Moms for Liberty leader Tina) Descovich. “Those are huge wins to get the district to draft a policy that parents now have input on library book selection – huge win.”

Moms for Liberty is a grassroots movement, making waves in local elections all over the country. The group endorsed 500 school board races last year and saw 275 of their candidates win.

But they are also doing the previously unthinkable on a national level. They are turning moms into a solid voting block for Republicans.

For this reason, they’re hated by woke cultists, especially the Southern Poverty Law Center which slanders the group of moms as an extremist hate group.

At their meeting in Philadelphia recently, mobs of angry leftists (the only kind of leftist) showed up to cause a scene at the event.

These moms who call themselves “Joyful Warriors” smiled through it all and proudly proclaimed their message of parental liberty.

Many in Moms for Liberty see their success as nothing short of a providential act of God.

“Can you kind of see God’s handprint on getting this off the ground?” CBN News asked. “100 percent,” answered Descovich. “We have hit-piece articles written about us all of the time. How can two moms, how can just some moms that don’t have a whole lot of experience in education and doing the things that they’re doing right now, how do they grow a national movement in two years? How do they grow to 45 states? 300 counties are covered, 300 chapters, 120,000 active members. How did they have 5 presidential candidates at their summit just in the second year of existence? And there’s all these theories. Article after article is written that this person is behind us or this person’s money is behind us or this has happened. The truth of the matter is God has been with us from the very beginning and that is it. We started in my back bedroom with $500 and a box of t-shirts.”

What a beautiful thought.

All I know is that this is exactly what conservatives need. Women and moms joined together to fight back against the anti-family woke.

In two years they’ve gained 120,000 members, and that number really should grow. I’d encourage moms on this site to look into joining or starting a local chapter.

We need more Joyful Warriors to fight against this clown world.

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