FALSE FLAG IMMINENT? U.S. Military Issues 2-Day Stand-down Order For All Jets

by Noah, 100PercentFedUp:

Almost nothing good ever happens when a “stand-down” order is given.

Remember one of the most infamous “stand-down” orders given in Benghazi when our people needed help?

Well, a brand-new “stand-down” order has just been issues, this time for all U.S. jets.

Gee, you think that might be a problem?

How about we just broadcast to the world that we’ve taken our entire Airforce “offline” for two days?

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How stupid ARE these people?

First they allegedly lose an $80 million jet (a story which I don’t buy for one second)….

But now they tell the world we’ve grounded all of our jets for 2 days?

Come on folks, this is PRIME PICKINGS for a coming False Flag attack.

In light of this story I brought you yesterday, my head is on a swivel and I’m at high alert:

But now let’s get back to the 2-day stand-down order.

Here’s more:

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