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Now for a bit of history

Started in the early 1990s, in the ancient Videotex days in fact,  with some (at the time) rather revolutionary ideas about social media and user contributed news, altnews.com.au was up and running. But as usual, we were well ahead of the pack and suffered from some degree of burnout by the time the ideas took hold of the imagination of the general public.

One of our web sites however, soon became the primary focus and information source for people affected by child protection services in various Australian states and around the world: forums.altnews.com.au. Unfortunately, the subject matter made for rather depressing reading most of the time. What a mess those so called child protection services are in. What a substantial degree of trauma inflicted by government and petty officials on children and parents alike with a seemingly iron fist. Many of the contributors to the web site are in fact maimed for life.

The website was unfortunately recently removed from the net because of a very serious security flaws in the content management software we were using.  We are still looking for a MySQL expert who can help us convert the sites to static HTML so that the material posted by so many people may continue to be available even if only for historical purposes.

But after 25 years, we are still here and with renewed enthusiasm for the opportunities the Web offers for our democracy and our freedom of speech.

A truly free Internet may very well be our only defense against a steadfastly creeping trend towards authoritarian (corporate) state control and domination.

Barefoot-Warrior at waterfall— Barefoot Warrior

Cairns, May 2018

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