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    My name is Ivana Balentic and while going through your website I saw you mentioned our friends at ThePreppingGuide (

    I’m curious is it possible to sponsor the mention of my blog? Or crete a hiqh-guality article for your to publish?

    All the best,
    Ivana Balentic”

    Hello Ivana,
    Please provide a link to your blog and we’ll take a look.
    Please also list web sites that have #censored your content.

    Thank you,

    Please provide Brendon O’Connell’s main and current link to his material.

    As Brendon O’Connell gets his web sites #censored over and over, finding his current links can be a challenge.

    When you do find a working link, please let us know.

    Thank you Aaron Swartz,


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