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In your article about “Belarus Protests’ Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland”, it can be added that Roman Protasevich was contributor to the Russian daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda as well (source : Witch is a pro-regime russian newspaper
As well as you, i was surprised by the importance of Nexta in the current event, the way they treat it and the little clarity of the team behind it. But as for now i could not find any evidence that they are controlled by one power or an other.
Do you have any other elements to link it to Poland/UK/EU.


I just started checking out your new website and the first thing I noticed is how well the images pop out. I instantly found my way to an article about the Chinese virus (John Rappoport) which my wife has been talking about a lot as nothing about it adds up and it looks like she may finally have some answers. I’ll have to read it and then check out more of your site. So far your site looks very impressive.


Thank you Steven, make your home page for your daily censored and alternative head-line fix.


Klem Kediddlehopper

This site is looking better everyday. Great service

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