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Barefoot Warrior

6 thoughts on “Feedback

  • January 11, 2021 2 A.M.

    Dear Mike Adams:

    I have, off and on, been listening to some of your podcasts for a while. You seem to put out some worthy stuff (within your own biases as almost all people have their biases and blind spots) still overall you are an intelligent voice for the right.

    Can’t sleep. Went to bed listening to Ryan Cristian’s TheLastAmericanVagabond.Com (in my opinion one of the best alternative media websites for learning what is really going on). The beauty of his website is he not only argues logically and articulately but he backs up everything he claims with the evidence and citations (so you can do your own research). Moreover he and his group of intelligent independent investigative journalists have been the true tip of the sword for bringing out the important bombshell stories and analyses—for more than any other one website. And he is waking people up to the “two party delusion paradigm” as most people within the 2 parties work for the same deep state even as they give the appearance they are opposed to each other—which is why so many Republicans (and even his staff and cabinet people turned on him—and I am convinced his own Jared Kushner family—who only cared about making Israel Great Again). My guess is that Trump (who has always been a puppet too, maybe slightly less in his seemingly idiosyncratic style of brusqueness and man among the people) in the final analysis he was groomed into that job by right-wing Jews including Russian mafioso types, and as he too was a friend of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (facts you managed to miss?)

    And if I am not mistaken even the New York Post (which I believe Kushner once owned) called for President Trump to step down. Trump betrayed himself by not dealing with election fraud in his first year and most people around him did not want to work with another four years of the psychological warfare—they were beat down.

    But it is a curious thing that you decided to flip open a passage from the Bible in which followers are warned “not to become to wise to evil”?

    Well, kind of ironic, as Christian societies over the last centuries have been over-run by those who are wise to evil as it was Christian, en large, here in America, especially Zionist Christians who have been the blind ones to Jewish control and power and how in the final analysis the greatest threat to this country, has been, and continues to be Israel—hands down. Even the China threat, by large, was fueled via Jewish bankers and strategists, not to mention it was Jewish communists who helped Mao Tse-Tung have his communist revolution and starvations. Moreover it was Jewish spies like Jonathan Pollard who sold our military secrets to Israel who turned around and sold them to China (and traded them to Russia for more Jews to immigrate out of Russia to Israel), etc. See Adam Green’s website KnowMoreNews.Org for his great work on waking people up to truth about Israel and fifth column traitors. He has a recent podcast about how many criminals and Jews Donald Trump pardoned but could not find the heart to pardom Julian Assange—so Christian and so Bill of Rights first Amendment.

    Google: “Trump’s Chabad Pardon’s” at:

    Frankly Michael Adams your loyalties, like so many Republican Americans were misaligned. And why this is so alarming is because tens of millions of Americans are about to be further victimized by real political evil (Jewish bolshevik style) or did you not know that the Bolshevik revolution was largely a Jewish revolution against the host country White Christian nation and was largely financed by New York bankers like Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg?

    Why, do you, like so many, alt-right people constantly spout China as our greatest threat. Do you not realize that it was New York financiers here in the U.S. that allowed for our industrial base to transfer over there so we were loosing jobs—even as left wing Jews are constantly arguing about socialism and union rights?

    But then Henry Ford back in the early 1930s had already explained how much Jews had taken over this country back then—to which people today do not even yet suspect what was true one hundred years ago and one thing he noted was the strikes against non-unionized companies were organized mostly by Jews who strike against non-Jewish owned and run companies as a way of destroying competition—how slick.

    So now you are retreating to your belief and the Bible. No, we should not have faith in any one person. Before you read your Bible I suggest you read Douglas Reed’s book: The Controversy of Zion in order to get some context of how such a work evolved (rather than all the bullcrap myth that surrounds it).

    Anachronistic Abrahamic religions basically codified human and societal politics into deified politics—making human judgment immortal and absolute. The study of Abrahamic religions is the study of power and the abuse of power.

    While you are retreating to prayer—just know that if Biden becomes President on the 20th we as a society are truly, truly ruined—in every sense. The evil is just beginning. You still have an audience. You need to convince Americans they need to stop this transfer of power even if they have no great leaders. We need real protests all across the country—with or without Republicans. Donald Trump has so few people loyal to him in WDC that he knows he is over—but does that mean 100 million Americans must go along with this vicious treachery. We already know their evil nature—just wait til it is all un-leached with the Covid treachery, etc.

    Demand outrage.

    Demand pushback.


  • I wonder if you realise the article about John Roberts should have the Caught in the title spelled Court? Site looks good but seems to use some software which slows it down and adds a some bugs.

  • In your article about “Belarus Protests’ Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland”, it can be added that Roman Protasevich was contributor to the Russian daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda as well (source : Witch is a pro-regime russian newspaper
    As well as you, i was surprised by the importance of Nexta in the current event, the way they treat it and the little clarity of the team behind it. But as for now i could not find any evidence that they are controlled by one power or an other.
    Do you have any other elements to link it to Poland/UK/EU.

  • I just started checking out your new website and the first thing I noticed is how well the images pop out. I instantly found my way to an article about the Chinese virus (John Rappoport) which my wife has been talking about a lot as nothing about it adds up and it looks like she may finally have some answers. I’ll have to read it and then check out more of your site. So far your site looks very impressive.

    • Thank you Steven, make your home page for your daily censored and alternative head-line fix.

  • This site is looking better everyday. Great service


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