As I am now semi retired, I am no longer actively soliciting for new hosting accounts. Our domain name business continues as it is mostly automated, self service and successful.

In the near future I expect to be building the domain name management portal right here on In the mean time the current set-up is operating to everyone’s satisfaction

I continue however to look after existing hosting clients, some of whom have been with Altnews for more than 20 years.

In my (semi) retirement I am finally able to spend some time on doing just those things I originally established the business for: Alternative News (ie. news that exposes the MSM cartel and the official narrative that will help visitors to my sites to get a better informed understanding of the issues. My activities in that regard will become more and more evident as times go by.

Have a look at

Have fun and do buy your next domain name right here

Barefoot-Warrior at waterfall— Barefoot Warrior

PS semi retired because I also care for a 72yo family friend and a household with 6 (yes SIX) dogs. For now anyhow.

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