Coronavirus pandemic exacerbates antimicrobial resistance woes as ignorant doctors throw antibiotics at hospitalized patients

(Natural News) A recent study suggests that the approach to treating coronavirus (COVID-19) in hospitals could be exacerbating the global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) problems.  If the AMR goes unchecked, the world faces a future in which minor infections could mean death. The study published in the Lancet found that 85 percent of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients admitted to National Health Service (NHS) hospitals during the first wave of the pandemic had been prescribed antibiotics. But the majority of the 48,902 patients involved in the study did not need or benefit from antibiotics as secondary bacterial infections are very rare in COVID-19 patients. “COVID is a viral disease. It’s not uncommon for viral diseases to be complicated by bacterial infection, but we’re not seeing that very much,” said study author Calum Semple. “We are seeing more antibiotics used than we would like, and we’re seeing the most precious antibiotics used that we would like to reserve for the most serious bacterial infections.” Overuse of antibiotics allows drug-resistant bacteria to develop. The pandemic is essentially fueling antibiotic resistance because virus patients are unnecessarily being prescribed with antibiotics. Of 8,649 COVID-19 patients in the U.K. who underwent microbiological tests for infections, only 1,107 were diagnosed with bacterial diseases. In contrast,

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