Selected Articles: Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds, VAERS Data Show

Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds, VAERS Data Show By Megan Redshaw, January 18, 2022 Of the 9,936 U.S. deaths reported as of Jan. 7, 19% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 24% occurred … The post Selected Articles: Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds, VAERS Data Show appeared first on Global Research.

Conspiracies As Realities, Realities As Conspiracies

Conspiracies As Realities, Realities As Conspiracies Authored by Victor Davis Hanson via, American politics over the last half decade has become immersed in a series of conspiracy charges leveled by Democrats against their opponents that, in fact, are happening because of them and through them. The consequences of these conspiracies becoming reality and reality revealing itself as conspiracy have been costly to American prestige, honor, and security. As we move away from denouncing realists as conspiracists, and self-pronounced “realists” are revealed as the true conspirators, let’s review a few of the more damaging of these events.  Russians on the Brain  Consider that the Trump election of 2016, the transition, and the first two years of the Trump presidency were undermined by a media-progressive generated hoax of “Russian collusion.” The “bombshell” and “walls are closing in” mythologies dominated the network news and cable outlets. It took five years to expose them as rank agit-prop.  Robert Mueller and his “dream team” consumed $40 million of Americans’ money and 22 months of our time—to find the nothingburger that most of the country already knew was

Russia Launches Snap War Drills In Belarus Aimed At Thwarting 'NATO Aggression'

Russia Launches Snap War Drills In Belarus Aimed At Thwarting ‘NATO Aggression’ There have been two major developments which threaten to further put Russia and NATO on a collision course in Ukraine. First, Russia and Belarus have initiated joint snap military drills on the latter’s soil, with a large contingency of Russian troops arriving Tuesday in the country for a new wave of military exercises.  Second, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has unveiled in a speech before UK parliament delivered Monday that Britain will send Ukraine weapons as part of a new defense assistance package in order to help “defend its borders” against Russian aggression. File image, Belarus-Russia war games, via Reuters. All of this comes the very week following a series of meetings between Kremlin officials and NATO, which failed to produce any results or even an extension of dialogue, for now at least. This also as on Tuesday Germany Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock met Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow for the first time, as Berlin has vowed to do all it can to “guarantee Ukraine’s security.” The AFP described that in Belarus, video put out by the Lukashenko government showed “columns of military vehicles including tanks being unloaded



Queensland Labor Corp demands state employees sign away their right to life for mRNA jab, or no job

Exclusive by Jim O’Toole human-rights-assessment-all-staff-mandatory-vaccination-consultation_20220114Download The Queensland Labor corporation has demanded state public servants sign away their Human Rights to life for the mandatory jab or get sacked for refusing. The Queensland Labor Party has demanded public servants relinquish their right to life to keep their jobs which many thousands say is a ‘bridge too far.’ In one of the most outlandish documents ever seen by Cairnsnews, employees have been given the choice to sign up or ship out: Extract from the draft document: ‘This document sets out the consideration of the impact (limitations) on human rights of a decision torequire vaccination and to implement other controls to manage / mitigate the risk of COVID-19.For the reasons that follow, it is considered the such a decision (as reflected in the department’s (draft)COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure and Vaccination requirements for a is compatible withhuman rights.’ ‘Human rights that are affected☒ Right to equality and non-discrimination (section 15) ☒ Right to life (section 16) ☒ Protection from torture and cruel,inhuman or degrading treatment(section 17) Section

COVID Lab-Leak Whitewash Has Been 'The Death Of Science' Says Professor Who Found 'Unique Fingerprints'

COVID Lab-Leak Whitewash Has Been ‘The Death Of Science’ Says Professor Who Found ‘Unique Fingerprints’ University of London professor Angus Dalgleish, who co-authored a paper in summer 2020 after spotting “unique fingerprints” in Covid-19 samples that point to genetic manipulation, says that he’s been the victim of a “disgusting whitewash,” and that anyone suggesting a non-natural origin for Covid-19 has been silenced by peers. “This goes back to the days of Copernicus and Galileo – it is the death of science,” said the oncologist – who in 1984 discovered how HIV enters and kills cells. Dalgleish’s work was roundly rejected by a string of journalists before it was eventually published in a ‘watered-down form,’ according to the Express. In February 2020, the Lancet had published a letter that “strongly condemned conspiracy theories” suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin. This highly influential letter – subsequently cited in thousands of scientific publications – was signed by 27 experts including Wellcome Trust head and former Sage member Sir Jeremy Farrar. However, it has since emerged that two weeks before the letter was published,

'Human Rights Watch' Seminar Advises Olympic Athletes to Stay Silent in China

Human Rights Watch (HRW), a human rights organization known for its anti-Israel bias, hosted a seminar Tuesday in which athletes traveling to China for the Winter Olympics were advised to stay quiet about human rights issues while in the country.

As US Homebuilders Crash, China Property Developers Set To Surge As PBOC Sends “Clear Easing Signal”

As US Homebuilders Crash, China Property Developers Set To Surge As PBOC Sends “Clear Easing Signal” Over the weekend, we said that as a major divergence has emerged between China and the US, where the former is now actively easing – ostensibly to support the country’s reeling property market but also to prevent a complete collapse in GDP, by cutting rates and injecting gobs of new credit – and the former is about to undertake a major tightening cycle, a trade has emerged to capitalize on this divergence whereby one should pair trade a long in beaten down Chinese property developers while shorting US homebuilders… … this trade is starting to outperform, with US homebuilders tumbling on Tuesday with some builders sinking by the most since May, amid fears of a slowdown in the property market due to higher years.  The S&P Supercomposite Homebuilding Index plunged by as much as 5.2% with all members are trading lower on Tuesday. KB Home was down as much as 8.5% for its biggest intraday decline since May 2021,  LGI Homes down by as much as 7.8%, Meritage

Israel Used Pegasus Spyware Against Own Citizens For Warrantless Surveillance

Israel Used Pegasus Spyware Against Own Citizens For Warrantless Surveillance Authored by Brett Wilkins via Common Dreams, Digital privacy advocates were alarmed but not surprised Tuesday by a report alleging that police in Israel used NSO’s Pegasus spyware against Israeli citizens, including opponents of former right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Calcalist, the special operations cyber unit of Israel’s police remotely planted the private company’s spyware on phones belonging to political activists, mayors, former government employees, and others, “taking over their devices and having the ability to listen to all their calls and read all their messages.” Image via Tech Xplore The reporting indicates that the extrajudicial surveillance occurred without court supervision, and police did not request search or bugging warrants for the targeted individuals—who were suspected of no crimes. “After all the other surveillance scandals have been exposed, the chickens come home to roost,” tweeted Israeli-American journalist Mairav Zonszein. “Not surprising. What will be is if justice is served.” Those scandals include repeated revelations that NSO’s spyware was surreptitiously installed on the devices of dissidents, human rights defenders, journalists, and others around the world—especially in other Middle Eastern nations—as well as reporting last month that Pegasus was used by an unknown party or parties

Olympic Athletes Advised Not To Bring Phones To Beijing Over Spying Concerns

Olympic Athletes Advised Not To Bring Phones To Beijing Over Spying Concerns Athletes who are preparing to travel to Beijing for the Winter Games next month might want to think about leaving their personal smart phones at home. The reason: a new app developed by Beijing to track Olympic athletes’ health data has been found to have several startling security flaws, according to a group of Canadian researchers called Citizen Lab. Citizen Lab told the NYT and other news organizations that it had shared its findings with the Beijing Organizing Committee on Dec. 3 but had not received any response. As a result, they’re warning all athletes about the app’s flaws, news that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given the CCP’s reputation for mass surveillance. According to the NYT, the app – called MY2022 –  is designed to transmit coronavirus test results, travel information and other personal data “failed to verify the signature used in encrypted transfers, or didn’t encrypt the data at all,” according to the report by Citizen Lab. But the organization also found that the app will actively censor content viewed on users’ phones: a series of political terms have been marked for censorship in the

A Review of the Science

by Robert W Malone MD, MS, RWMalone MD Substack: Exercise and vitamin D3 are beneficial, omicron is mild in children, asymptomatic spread with Omicron is significant Covid-19: Omicron variant is linked to steep rise in hospital admissions of very young children BMJ(Published 14 January 2022) BMJ2022;376:o110 Highlights: The overall conclusions of this article do not match […]