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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor-at-large of His articles have been featured hundreds of times on the internationally renowned Drudge and he has appeared as a guest on numerous popular radio shows, television broadcasts and podcasts, including RT, Coast to Coast AM, Louder With Crowder and Stefan Molyneux. Watson is also the author of Order Out of Chaos.

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A Weekly Message From Me, Paul Watson

Hello,It’s Paul Watson. Thanks for subscribing to this forbidden newsletter.

As you’ve seen on, I’ve been ultra busy writing numerous, original articles a day.But more and more I’m going to be communicating with you directly through this email because I think it’s only a matter of time until I get banned off Twitter and everywhere else. 

I wish we would’ve listened to Matt Drudge a little more back in 2015 when he warned us that this was coming. I also wished I listened to Alex more to build up this email list even further, but I’ve got a good start regardless.

This email newsletter is just one of the ways we will communicate, just like how people relied heavily on fax machines in the USSR to contact each other. And, just like in Soviet Russia, we’re living in a dark age that’s against free association, free speech and the marketplace of ideas.

But we’re going to turn the tide. We’re going to swing the pendulum the other way.To do just that, we’re really going to blast these emails out, as my work on, YouTube and Infowars has been effective in the fight against bureaucratic, unrestrained globalism and I’m not about to give up.

So, whatever you do, please at least forward this email to your friends, family and trusted neighbors. In the coming days, as I start to send you this underground information, it’s critical that you share it. Separately, Infowars has been under so much attack that it can barely pay even a fraction of what I used to make. The crew there needs support, as they are my sponsor.

That’s why they have amazing supplements such as Turbo Force which offers quick, accessible energy throughout the day. You can also subscribe to the Infowars newsletter here in addition to mine.

All the best,



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