Ohio bishop threatens to punish priests who preach against COVID jabs, mandates 

The newly consecrated Bishop David Bonnar of the diocese of Youngstown, Ohio appeared to confuse enthusiasm for jabs with ‘current Church teaching’.

1983 TV debate with Canadian ‘abortion king’ still relevant for pro-life movement today

The preborn continue to need advocates today. And, the pro-life movement will continue to respond to God’s call to ‘speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.’

We must speak out against vaccine passports now, or we’ll get a ‘social credit system’

The vaccine passports, in the wrong hands, would give the U.S. government – or any government using them – the ability to identify unvaccinated people of strong faith – or anyone who chooses to stand up to the prevailing narrative — to isolate and persecute them.  

Making reparation for Fr. Martin’s push to minimize the evil of abortion is easier than you think 

A genuine pro-life ethic protects spiritual health. 

COVID jabs vs religious liberty: ‘Essential, fundamental freedom under attack like never before’

Steve Crampton with the Thomas More Society describes the incongruence of the COVID vaccine mandates with the American law. Overwhelmingly, the exceptions for the jab have been approved for medical exemption, but far fewer have been approved for religious exemption.

‘When Roe gets overturned, our work is really going to get busy’: Pro-life lawyer and activist

Royce Hood, founder of the Law of Life Summit, spoke with LifeSiteNews’s Danielle Zuccaro about the Summit’s inception as a forum for organizing and strategizing the grassroots, especially on the legal level. He also shares his personal testimony about raising five children and losing two babies last year.

NEW pro-life ministry exists to hold abortion facilities accountable for medical malpractice

Missy Martinez-Stone, founder of Reprotection, discusses with Danielle Zuccaro her new pro-life organization which exists to hold abortion facilities accountable for medical malpractice. To find out more information about Reprotection, please visit www.reprotection.org.

Life Runner founder encourages Christians to carry their cross daily for the pro-life cause

Dr. Pat Castle explains Life Runners’ inception and the organization’s goal to be a pro-life witness wherever their Life Runner t-shirts are worn. Pat encourages all runners and walkers to become a Life Runner where they will join 17,000+ other runners supporting the pro-life cause.

EXCLUSIVE: Unvaccinated priest fighting vaccine, mask order explains why he refused abortion-tainted COVID jabs

Father Peter Williams said he’ll fight abortion-tainted vaccine mandates ‘if it’s the last thing that I do as a priest.’

Gwyneth Paltrow Launches 'Hands Off My Vagina' Abortion Rights Candle in Partnership with ACLU

Gwyneth Paltrow’s health and wellness company Goop is launching the “Hands Off My Vagina” abortion rights candle in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), with some proceeds going to the left-wing organization. 

Republican hails March for Life on Senate floor, says the time to overturn Roe is now

Montana Sen. Steve Daines said the Mississippi abortion case ‘presents the Supreme Court of the United States with the best opportunity to right its historic injustice and finally overturn Roe v. Wade.’

University’s attorneys defend aborted baby parts research as ‘fully compliant’ with state, federal laws

The investigative report, initiated and funded by the university itself, provides official cover for the University of Pittsburgh to carry on with its grisly research.