DEVOLVED | Vol 2 – Two Sides of the Same Coin

Volume Two of Adam Riva ‘Devolved’ series is out and it’s impressive, with some of the best editing I’ve seen in a while, intercutting open source footage, government documents and the predictive programming of familiar Hollywood films. ‘Devolved’ is based on the Substack articles by Patel Patriot about how ‘White Hats’ in our government purposefully allowed the 2020 Election to be stolen and how through Continuity of Government protocols, they’ve put in place a mechanism by which Trump has remained Commander-in-Chief, while Joe Biden has appeared to be the President. Patel Patriot writes, “Donald Trump knew a pandemic was coming and he took steps to prepare for it…EO 13887 and OWS dramatically accelerated all timelines, causing the Deep State to panic and go all-in on increasingly unhinged mandates, variants, and vaccines. “Don’t forget what Trump’s ultimate goal here is – he is trying to unite America against those who seek to control and destroy us. He is engineering a mass awakening and he has to do so while carefully navigating the COVID and vaccine situation. How do you reach the half the population who have been savagely indoctrinated by the leftist universities and mainstream media?” This documentary suggests that

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