Novak Djokovic's Australia Visa Canceled Again: Launches Appeal Before Return to Detention

Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke used his personal power Friday to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa, sparking the Serbian tennis star to file an immediate injunction against the decision ahead of his return to enforced detention.

Julian Assange: A Thousand Days in Belmarsh Prison

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Australian Open Grants Novak Djokovic #1 Rank While Officials Still Mull Deportation

Organizers of the Australian Open on Tuesday officially granted Novak Djokovic the top seed at the tournament, which begins next Monday, even as the country’s Immigration Ministry threatens to abruptly deport him for not consuming a Chinese coronavirus vaccine product.

The Mauling of Novak Djokovic

Illustrative Image Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark Rarely can the treatment of a grand sporting figure by officialdom have caused such consternation.  Novak Djokovic, the tennis World Number One, has always had a tendency to get under skin and constitution, creating a large following of admirers and detractors.  But his current treatment by Australian authorities, and his subsequent detention as an unlawful arrival despite being granted a visa to participate in the Australian Open, had the hallmarks of oppression and incompetent vulgarity.  In time, it may well also prove to have been another example of provincial opportunism and crass stupidity. It all began with the thick cloud of doubt over whether the Serbian tennis star needed to show proof of vaccination or otherwise in entering Australia.  The Australian Open had become the first grand slam tennis tournament to require mandatory vaccination for all athletes subject to exemptions.  This was a position also taken by the Victorian government.  What remained unclear was whether dispensations could be granted, and under what conditions. Djokovic was always unwilling to reveal his vaccination status.  His response to the pandemic has also been patchy, even cavalier.  The Adria Tour in June 2020, created as a response

Australia artists boycott Sydney Festival over Israel funding

Almost 30 Australian artists and organisations are boycotting the 2022 Sydney Festival due to the Israeli Embassy providing $20,000 to put on a performance by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin. Melbourne funk/soul band Karate Boogaloo are the latest act to withdraw from the event as part of an ongoing cultural boycott. In a statement shared yesterday on Instagram, the band wrote: “Boycotts and divestments have a strong track record of holding governments and corporations accountable for their actions.” “Karate Boogaloo is standing in solidarity with Palestinian people, and boycotting the Sydney Festival as a result of it accepting money from the human rights abusing regime that is the Israeli Government.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Karate Boogaloo […]

You Won’t Believe What’s Happening in Australia

Australian YouTuber, Spiro interviews David Icke back in 2020. It was meant to alert the world about the crimes against humanity occurring in Australia and the dystopic future that would result if they continued to allow it to unfold. This video got Spiro de-platformed and demonetized and resulted in two Australian police officers at his door the day after he published it. #authorarea{ background: #000000; border: 1px solid #000000;; padding: 10px; width:100%px; height:100%px; overflow:hidden; } #authorarea h3{ margin:0; } #authorarea h3 a{ text-decoration:none; } #authorarea img{ margin:0; float:left; border: 1px solid #ffffff; width: 150px; height: 150px; } #authorarea p{ margin:0; } #authorarea p a{ } .authorinfo{ float:left; margin-left:5px; } Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact

Rumors of Woo

The singularity of the narrative collapse is here, censorship is off the charts and Clif High says that we’ve now entered a period of increased novelty (aka “events”) that won’t trail off until sometime in February. EVERGRANDE & DOLLAR DEATH Clif says that Evergrande is now defunct and owned by the CCP, indicating that the Powers-that-Be are no longer able to maintain the Petrodollar financial system that has ruled the world during our lifetimes. He says, “The US dollar died with the Evergrande. The willingness of the CCP to take the US dollar was the last thing that was propping-up the Petrodollar. The Evergrande dying off means that they can no longer afford to take worthless dollars for anything they do…  “The ability of the central banks to control things is gone now,” and the central banks will not be able to survive this bond crisis, because the deflationary trend is juxtaposed against an organic hyperinflationary trend. He explains that we’re in now a deflationary environment, driven on the one hand by the restructuring of Evergrande by the CCP and on the other hand by the escalation of the vaxxine die-off. He notes that, while the die-off is neither

Revealed: The Locations of Australia’s Eleven Quarantine Camps | Exclusive

Take a look at the names and locations of almost a dozen COVID quarantine camps across Australia. By TOTT News In this article, TOTT News documents the names and locations of publicly-acknowledged COVID quarantine camps across Australia. It does not include the names and addresses of hotels, motels, and animal centres currently being used/planned for useContinue reading “Revealed: The Locations of Australia’s Eleven Quarantine Camps | Exclusive”

Australia Served US Interests As Anti-China Riots Gripped The Solomon Islands

Click to see full-size image Political turmoil in the Solomon Islands might last until at least 2023 when the next general election will be held. Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst During the past week, Honiara, the capital of the South Pacific country of the Solomon Islands, has been rocked by thousands of people rioting. For days, crowds of protesters flocked to the National Assembly and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. They also failed to burn the Parliament building but succeeded in setting the Prime Minister’s residence on fire. Simultaneously, riots began to unfold in the capital and other cities as disgruntled people smashed grocery stores and houses in Honiara’s Chinatown in violence partially motivated by anti-China sentiment. Sogavare appealed to neighbouring countries for help, with small teams of military personnel and police from Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji being immediately dispatched. The total number of peacekeepers is about 200 personnel. Although this may appear to be a small number, it is remembered that the Solomon Islands has a population of only about 690,000 people who are scattered across 300 inhabited islands. During the riots, three people were killed and more than 100 were arrested. The country’s economy suffered a

Project UATX: New Universities, Old Problems

Illustrative Image Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark Among the motivations behind establishing a university is a desire to leave old ones.  Old in tooth, depraved, decayed, the assumption is that a new institution will return to original purposes on the pretext that these are truly radical.  This, on the face of it, is the purpose of The University of Austin (UATX) – at least as originally advertised.  “We’re done waiting for America’s universities to fix themselves,” came the words of a promotional video for the incipient body.  “So we’re starting a new one.” This is the sentiment of Pano Kanelos, who left his position as president of St. John’s College in Annapolis to, in his words, “build a university in Austin dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth.”  What riles Kanelos is the “gaping chasm between the promise and reality of higher education.”  Harvard proclaims a dedication to veritas.  Stanford students are told Die Luft der Freiheit weht: The wind of freedom blows.   Nice to have such “soaring words” – but he is not convinced that the “pursuit of truth – once the central purpose of a university” is the “highest virtue”.  Campus life is now characterised by “illiberalism”. The

Australia Military Starts Going Door to Door to Hunt Down Unvaccinated Aboriginals to Force Inject Them as Quarantine Camps Also Open

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Many parts of Australia have become totalitarian police states with martial law, as the government has now targeted Aboriginals who have a low COVID-19 vaccination rate by going door-to-door in their communities to forcibly inject them. Leaders in these communities have called upon the nations of the worldContinue reading “Australia Military Starts Going Door to Door to Hunt Down Unvaccinated Aboriginals to Force Inject Them as Quarantine Camps Also Open”

Aborigine Children Are Being Held Down and Force-Vaxxed

June Mills, Aboriginal elder in the Northern Territories says, “I’m putting out a cry for help to please help us, to come in here, stop these crimes against humanity. “It’s war crimes against our people. They’re deliberately murdering our people by vaccinating our people without their will. “They’re holding ’em down, I’ve heard the Army’s gone in and knocked them down, held them down and vaccinated them against their will. “Please, everybody out there this is a cry for help! Come in, help us, please!” #authorarea{ background: #000000; border: 1px solid #000000;; padding: 10px; width:100%px; height:100%px; overflow:hidden; } #authorarea h3{ margin:0; } #authorarea h3 a{ text-decoration:none; } #authorarea img{ margin:0; float:left; border: 1px solid #ffffff; width: 150px; height: 150px; } #authorarea p{ margin:0; } #authorarea p a{ } .authorinfo{ float:left; margin-left:5px; } Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact

Australian War Propaganda Keeps Getting Crazier

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ 60 Minutes Australia has churned out yet another fearmongering war propaganda piece on China, this one so ham-fisted in its call to beef up military spending that it goes so far as to run a brazen advertisement for an actual Australian weapons manufacturer disguised as news reporting.Continue reading “Australian War Propaganda Keeps Getting Crazier”

Goodbye Premier Dan Andrews. The Melbourne Rebellion Has Begun.

[embed][/embed] Even though I have the opportunity to vent nonstop about the COVID War, day in and day out, I was surprised at just how much more bottled-up emotion and PTSD I still have, when this video made me cry. It is a happy video about Australia! What looks like tens of thousands of Melbournians gathered in front of the Parliament House of Victoria with very high energy to protest all things COVID. There were a lot of Trump flags and LGBTQ flags and hand-made billboards railing against corrupt politicians and Big Pharma. Claire Woodley, daughter of Australian Singer-Songwriter, Bruce Woodley, of the hit folk anthem, I Am Australian led the crowd in a rousing mass performance of the song. It’s incredible what a mass-expression of patriotism can be like when there are no FBI in the crowd to Astroturf violence. There were no police to be seen. Simeon Boykoff, aka the Aussie Cossack suspects that Victoria Premier Dan Andrews will face the same political fate as Romanian Communist leader, Nicolae Ceaușescu. He says: “Now, if Dan is listening to this, you better quickly, Dan seek refugee status. Go to your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. Maybe the Chinese

Cleo Smith and The Lost Child Syndrome

Click to see-full size image Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark  In the twenty-four-hour news cycle, scraps of information become flecks of distracting gold.  Information sifters go through coverage with anorak enthusiasm.  Instead of good copy and measured consideration, journalists are encouraged to become manufacturers of news in the hope that what they produce lasts for posterity.  For eighteen days, four-year old Cleo Smith could not be found.  She had gone missing from the Quobba Blowholes Shacks campsite north of Carnarvon in Western Australia, “last seen,” according to a notice, “at 1.30 am on 16th October 2021”.  The Western Australian government had promised a $1 million reward for information on her disappearance. There was a feast of coverage.  Google’s search engine was cluttered (the latest search reveals some 85.5 million results).  Bounty hunters, melting at the prospect of a reward, moved in.  There were stretched claims that 65,000 “average Aussies” were deployed in the search effort.  That number was taken from the Bring Cleo Smith Home Facebook group, established to drum up publicity for the cause.  In the social media age, such voyeuristic engagement can count as physical participation.  The administrators of the group were keen that only acceptable members join:

16 Year Veteran Australian Police Sergeant Quits in Protest of Andrews COVID Orders, Claims Majority of Cops Agree with Her

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News A 16-year veteran of the Melbourne, Victoria police force in Australia went public this week to denounce the actions of many police during recent protests. Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell was interviewed by a group called “Discernable,” wearing her full uniform during the interview and announcing that sheContinue reading “16 Year Veteran Australian Police Sergeant Quits in Protest of Andrews COVID Orders, Claims Majority of Cops Agree with Her”

Red October – End of World as We Knew It – Clif High

Clif High joins Greg Hunter with his forecast, based on the predictive linguistics algorithms that he began developing nearly 30 years ago, in 1993. EVERGRANDE, REAL ESTATE DERIVATIVES & HYPERINFLATION He says that hyperinflation of the US dollar is imminent, due to a confluence of events. “The fact that they didn’t raise the debt ceiling, itself has ramifications in derivatives, even though they’ve given us this kick-the-can-down till December move. Then, we also have the Evergrande bond process… “They’ve put all of their bonds and everything into the dumpster and they’ve got the dumpster fire really rolling and it’s going to be pushed into a building with other dumpsters; those will all catch on fire and that building is basically filled with gasoline – and that is the global derivatives markets that are based on real estate that are tied to Chinese real estate. “So there will be some derivatives that won’t be affected but insofar as I’m able to see, there’s maybe two-thirds of this larger mass of derivatives has a tie through some mechanism back to the Chinese bond market. So that’s going to hit us very hard.” ECHOES OF THE 1932-1933 BOND PANIC Clif continues, “I