Clif High: Collapse of Civilization to Some Degree Coming

Clif High joins Greg Hunter with the latest on the predictions of his data mining program. Previously, Clif’s Web Bots had predicted that on or around October 28th, there would be a major event that would trigger “emotional release language” on the same scale as what we saw after the fall of Kabul last August. He caught a bit of flack when this prediction apparently failed to materialize. EVERGRANDE DEFAULT Greg believes that the predicted event was actually the default of Evergrande, the second-largest property developer in China. Clif agrees, telling Greg that the release language on October 28th was obscured due to the cover-up of the Evergrande bond failure but that this is only the beginning of the ripple effects that this event will continue to have. “It’s like watching an iceberg turn over. It takes a long time,” Clif says. AP just released this story, saying that this default is “currently causing around 10 billion US dollars in losses at the ten largest pension and investment funds specializing in Asia…Of these, US$7 billion have already been incurred in real terms and a further US$2 billion will be realized when insolvency is filed. A further US$158 billion in