How The “News” Is Made And Reported

Editor’s comment: When you consider that most of the #MainStreamMedia (MSM) are owned by the same small group of shareholders, this exposé of news manipulation and fabrication should come as no surprise. In the MSM you will know in advance that what you are about to read may in fact be true #FakeNews. It is a case of #BuyerBeware or be thoroughly #Brainwashed.

By Catherine J. Frompovich

How the News is Made and Reported
How the News is Made and Reported

If you are a “#NewsHound” or, perhaps, a #NewsSkeptic, you, undoubtedly, think you know what the ‘real’ news really is!  Well, much of the news today is manufactured, ‘sanitized’ and even censored.  Don’t believe that?  Well, here are two videos, which probably can change your mind. 

You’ll never trust the #CorporateNews again
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