Elon Musk Wrong About Bitcoin Energy Consumption?

ELON MUSK Wrong About Bitcoin Energy Consumption? – powered by ise.media Elon Musk and Janet Yellen are suddenly ‘concerned’ about Bitcoin’s environmental impact. But is Bitcoin really that harmful? Our interview with Bob Burnet explains just how wrong their statements are and how Bitcoin is actually paving the way for energy efficiency. ******** Sign up for our newsletterSupport Truth in Media by visiting our sponsors: Unstoppable Domains: Buy one domain get one free. https://truthinmedia.com/unstoppable Pulse Cellular: Use code “TRUTH” for 10% every plan for life.https://truthinmedia.com/phone​ Pure VPN: Military grade vpn protection.https://truthinmedia.com/vpn​ Brave Browser: Open source and built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web.https://truthinmedia.com/brave​

Exclusive Interview: Fight To Stop Bill Gates Control of Global Seed Population

Exclusive Interview: Fight To Stop Bill Gates Control of Global Seed Population – powered by ise.media Bill Gates is reportedly the largest farm owner in the US, while trying to patent and control the distribution of seeds worldwide. There is a big push back, however, in the country of India. In this exclusive interview, we hear from Vandana Shiva who is leading a remarkable charge to push back against Bill Gates and his foundation. ******** Sign up for our newsletterSupport Truth in Media by visiting our sponsors: Cloudcoin: https://cloudcoin.global/ Pulse Cellular: Use code “TRUTH” for 10% every plan for life.https://truthinmedia.com/phone​ Pure VPN: Military grade vpn protection.https://truthinmedia.com/vpn​ Brave Browser: Open source and built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web.https://truthinmedia.com/brave​

Brian Rose's Real Deal – Our Politicians Have Failed Us: The Devastating Effects Of The Long-term Lockdown

Brian Rose’s Real Deal Join me as I take an in-depth look at the devastating results and cost-benefit of long term lockdowns. On Wednesday, our elected officials voted in Parliament on the latest measures which saw only 16 representatives out of 540 vote against a lockdown. Is this really the best strategy for our long term future? It is imperative that our elected officials represent us, our interests, our children’s future, our mental health and our long term economic prospects. I believe it is extremely important not just now, but always, that we protect the vulnerable and elderly members of society. In the current climate, that takes the form of Focussed Protection. We must do our utmost to ensure that those who need it, receive priority attention and support, while the rest of the population continues to work and fuel the economy. How else can we ensure the necessary funding is in place to support our NHS, our police, our community support groups and of course avoid what is already an overwhelming debt caused by government borrowing. A deep and long-lasting recession will take many more lives than we have unfortunately borne witness to this last 10 months. The mental

Gates Says No Normal Until 2022, U.S. Billionaires Increase Wealth by $1 Trillion Since Lockdowns

Bill Gates says no normal until 2022; U.S. Billionaires increase wealth by $1 Trillion since lockdowns began just nine months ago. Gates Says No Normal Until 2022, U.S. Billionaires Increase Wealth by $1 Trillion Since Lockdowns – powered by ise.media ******** Sign up for our newsletter Learn about our new media platform project, ISE Media: https://ISE.Media Learn how to invest in our project: https://wefunder.com/ise.media NEW: Avoid big tech censorship and receive reports from me sent to your mobile device. Send a text to: 1-404-467-5809 ******** Check out our sponsor for this episode, Kim Daly at The Daly Coach, and my 25 minute interview with Kim- click here.

Brian Rose's Real Deal – Sadiq Khan Has Failed Our Communities & Younger Generation – How The Current Mayor Slashed Budgets & Broke His Promises

Brian Rose’s Real Deal Join me as I take an in-depth look at how our current Mayor has failed to support our 32 London Boroughs and overseen a continued cut in funding that has resulted in broken communities and a lack of hope for our younger generation. For a decade now, our leaders have continually slashed budgets and misspent wealth to the enormous detriment of our local communities. During his 2016 campaign for Mayorship, the incumbent pledged ‘A Manifesto For All Londoners’ that would remove “the barriers to productivity and growth” while providing equal opportunities to those who need it most. Yet the reality is that youth centres have been steadily closing across the capital thanks to cuts in spending, something that has increased in the last months in the main due to a lack of preparedness and investment, inevitably worsened by the pandemic. These environments are often the heart and soul of the community, providing a safe space for young people to socialise, learn and grow. Be it amateur boxing gyms, that have helped so many young men and women avoid being drawn into a life of crime, and worse a victim of violence themselves, or after school clubs,

The Brian For Mayor London Boroughs Tour – How WE Can Make London a World-Class City Once Again

Homerton, Hackney Last week I began my London Boroughs Tour in Homerton, Hackney. It was such an honour to finally get out there in the community and speak to YOU about the problems, issues and challenges you are facing within your community. It was such a pleasure to welcome community leaders and local citizens to come and speak with me face to face, so I can listen to your concerns while providing a roadmap of my plans to transform London, a place I consider to be the greatest city on the planet. The role of Mayor is simple, you have two jobs: The First is to LISTEN to the citizens The Second is to SERVE the citizens  Our current Mayor of London has failed to deliver on both fronts while the promises he made to YOU back in 2016 have clearly not been met. He has consistently blamed the government and bemoaned a lack of support, yet, it is his own incompetence and fiscal mismanagement of the transport system, housing, and of course our criminal services that is at the heart of the problems we now face. We are living in extremely challenging times and 2020 has been a year

Brian Rose's Real Deal – London's Housing Crisis Is Threatening Our Capital's Future

Brian Rose’s Real Deal Join me as I take an in-depth look at how our current Mayor of London has failed to deliver on his pledge to build 80,000 new homes a year, despite receiving a record amount of money. Life is incredibly challenging right now and for many this is only heightened by the fact our most basic human needs are not being met, moreover, considered a priority by those that lead us. We face a housing crisis in our capital that is compounded by our current economic emergency. Our leaders have failed to act once again, and the lack of direction does little to promote prosperity or confidence. 67% of Londoners see housing as the key issue we faced as a society, something Sadiq Khan seized upon with his manifesto. And yet since becoming mayor in May 2016, the building of only 34,515 homes has even started, with a mere 12,000 of those having been completed. Promise after promise falls by the wayside and all of this amidst a backdrop of accusations that our government has failed to deliver investment. The need for housing has increased exponentially. Population in the capital has been growing by 1.1% on average

Brian Rose's Real Deal – 100th Teenager Killed During London Mayor's Term – Knife Crime Is At Nightmare Proportions

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Brian Rose's Real Deal – London Is Now Billions Of Pounds In Debt & You Will Pay – How Our Soon To Be Ex-Mayor Is Driving This City Into The Ground

Brian Rose’s Real Deal Join me as I take an in-depth look at the history of the London Mayorship and how both Labour and Conservative parties racked up over £18 billion of debt in the past 20 years. I also explain how the current Mayor’s poor fiscal policies have led to his latest £493 million worth of cuts to crucial public services like our fire departments, police forces, and green initiatives. Unfortunately, our current Mayor’s solution is to blame the government for his mistakes is not working, with one of his Conservative colleagues in City Hall, Susan Hall, stating that: “His gambit is that by playing the part of a ‘poor Mayor’ and publicly calling for ministers to step in and bail him out again, Londoners will not notice that he is the one choosing to drop the axe on the vital services that keep our city safe.” But there is more. Our current Mayor has also requested an additional almost £30 billion from the government, most of which is for housing, where he has failed to build even half of the 116,000 affordable homes he promised by 2022. In fact after 3 years, Sadiq Khan has only started 34,515

Jamie Jenkins – The Numbers Don't Lie: Are the Disparate Health and Economic Impacts Are Being Ignored During the Coronavirus Crisis?

Award Winning British Statistician and Data Analyst Jamie Jenkins is the British statistician, data analyst and former Head of Health Policy Research at the Office for National Statistics and Research and Statistical Consultant for the BBC. With over 19 years of experience dealing in and working with data, to better help policymakers, business owners, established institutions and organisations understand the key issues and problems enveloping the modern world, Jamie Jenkins is the final word in statistical analysis. As the nation cowers at the alarming updates and death rates, confused, anxious and unsettled, it’s high time we had some clarity and transparency over what exactly is happening in the hospitals, to our people and the economy. Jamie Jenkins is impartial, he’s neutral, he’s Switzerland. Why? Well, the most fundamental aspect of his job is to present the figures, and those figures will tell their own story. Perhaps therein lies the problem. It may well have been Mark Twain who passed the comment, “figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.” Far be it from us to suggest there’s untoward behaviour at play, but even the most accurate and statistically sound data can be manipulated to reinforce an objective or set of ideals.

Luke Johnson – We Are The Economy: Why A Second Lockdown Will Drive The UK To An Economic Disaster

British Entrepreneur, Business Adviser, and Newspaper Columnist Luke Johnson is a British entrepreneur, business adviser, and weekly columnist for The Sunday Times. He is a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of business and investment, that has seen him hold Chairman status at Channel 4, the Royal Society of Arts and the Pizza Express chain. He is the former owner The Ivy and had interests in Giraffe, Belgo, and started the hugely popular Strada restaurant chain from the ground up. Currently, the Chairman of equity firm Risk Capital Partners and the Brighton Pier Group, Luke Johnson’s resume and achievements are all-encompassing. As we roll into the third week of a second national lockdown, Luke like so many business leaders and entrepreneurial spirits has been left aghast at the flagrant mismanagement of the pandemic by our governing powers and repeatedly called for a more logical, considered approach, that doesn’t leave a trail of collateral damage in its wake. An as yet unproven policy of single measure lockdowns, that has seen hundreds of thousands of people left unemployed. A restrictive set of policies that have decimated the economy in a way many of us are yet to

Brian Rose's Real Deal – Lockdown 2.0 In Britain Was A Mistake – No More Disproportionate Responses – We need “Focussed Protection”

Brian Rose’s Real Deal Hi, During this week’s Real Deal, I discuss why Lockdown 2.0 was a mistake and one that could have huge repercussions. I take an in-depth look at the data our government has used to inform their decision to take us back into a second increasingly costly lockdown. What is abundantly clear is that Covid-19 poses a greater risk to those with underlying health conditions or comorbidities and of course the elderly population. I spoke with Dr Martin Kulldorff, epidemiologist and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is the co-author of The Great Barrington Declaration, that outlines the concept of “Focused Protection”, an approach that allows those at minimal risk to live near-normal lives while shielding the vulnerable, with the long-term aim to develop herd immunity throughout the global population. This solution represents a pragmatic and logical approach to dealing with a virus that is not going anywhere, anytime soon. We must acknowledge that huge swathes of the global population are either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic to covid-19. Therefore they, along with small business owners, the unemployed, our education structures and our children are rapidly becoming collateral damage. We need to not only listen to

Lord Alan Sugar – We Need To Get Everyone Back To Work: Why My Employees Have Returned to the Office

British business magnate, former political adviser, and host of The Apprentice Lord Alan Sugar is the iconic British business magnate, former political adviser, and host of the long running and hugely popular boardroom-based reality show, The Apprentice. A man whose very name is synonymous with the archetypal rags to riches story, Lord Sugar started out in life from a humble background, selling electrical wares out of the back of a cheap van. His entrepreneurial instincts served him well and he soon founded his own company Amstrad, importing and exporting consumer electrical goods, before venturing into manufacturing. In 1980, Amstrad was listed on the London Stock Exchange, seeing huge profits and a sharp upturn in value on a yearly basis, and off the back of this success with his opportunistic nose for business and a pioneering spirit, he launched the Amstrad CPC 464 8-bit home computer, something that inaugurated Lord Sugar’s personality into the public consciousness. Today, Lord Sugar’s interests range far and wide. His Amshold business empire which includes a property arm Amsprop, a digital advertising company Amscreen and the investment vehicle Amsvest, among a portfolio of concerns. In recognition of his industrious nature and entrepreneurial acumen, Lord Sugar was

Brian Rose's Real Deal – Lockdown 2.0 Plunges Britain Into Double Dip Recession – A Nightmare Without End – Control VS Elimination

Brian Rose’s Real Deal This week’s topic is of huge importance. I will be talking extensively about Lockdown 2.0 and the economic impact of these policies on London, the UK and the global economy. Join me as I discuss criticism of the government’s fearmongering approach to the data which was suggested supports their actions, something that has been roundly criticised by scientists, academics, former Prime Ministers and even the UK Statistics Authority for the way it presented data to justify England’s second lockdown. As we enter this renewed period of our economy being shut down, I will also be exploring Quality Adjusted Life Year metrics to understand in more detail the links between the economic damage being done and how this relates to public health, as well as underlining exactly what this means for the UK going forwards. With the latest forecasts suggesting that we are about to plunge into a double dip recession, with GDP estimated to be falling to double digit reduction levels and unemployment rising rapidly, there has never been a more important time to hold this current crop of politicians with their vested interests to account. We need to get London back to work, not close

Professor David Miles CBE – Extraordinarily Costly: Why Lockdown 2.0 Could Plunge UK Into Double Dip Recession

Professor of Financial Economics at the Imperial College in London Professor David Miles CBE is a British Economist and Professor of Financial Economics at Imperial College in London, having previously served as a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. In a career spanning 35 years, Professor Miles has held positions in some of the world’s most prestigious City institutions, including as Chief UK Economist for both Morgan Stanley Bank and Merrill Lynch London, and board member and Non Executive Director for The Financial Services Authority. He is also a Member of the Council of Economic Advisors to Her Majesty’s Treasury and was awarded a CBE in 2016 for his services to monetary policy. With research interests spanning areas including housing, financial markets, financial stability and banking and the interactions between financial markets and the wider economy, Professor Miles is a man whose insights are much sought after and highly respected. During the recent crisis, Professor Miles produced a detailed report demonstrating that even if the first lockdown had saved 500,000 lives which was initially estimated by Professor Neil Ferguson also of Imperial College (a figure which David regarded as “absurd”), the costs were even greater than the

Brian Rose's Real Deal – Freedom Of Speech: Censorship is Real & It’s Killing Us

Brian Rose’s Real Deal This week’s topic is particularly close to my heart. As you may already be aware, I recently announced my candidacy to be your next Mayor of London and one of my foremost policies is Freedom Of Speech. The fight for Digital Freedom of Speech has been thrown into sharp relief during 2020 as social media technology giants, regulators and governments get involved in what citizens can say online. Free Speech and a Free Press are the most basic civil rights, which have been guaranteed for hundreds of years, and are fundamental to the democratic process. Wars have been fought over it, and people have died to protect these unalienable rights. I believe we all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and most importantly to share our ideas with other people. Ideas, after all, are the currency of the present. In today’s episode, I will be talking about why my beliefs around Freedom of Speech and the importance of broadcasting unedited, unscripted, uncensored content, as well as highlighting why the fight for Digital Freedom of Speech is so important. With incredible guests including John