Cairns rally attracts 2000 in spite of rain

A normal wet season shower didn’t deter more than 2000 Cairns residents from rallying on the Esplanade again on Saturday to tell the State Labor Corporation they do not want their kids jabbed with a dangerous toxin. The usual undercover ALP police were present with their box Brownies to report the terrible crimes of ordinary citizens exercising their human rights to life, which, incidentally the state has guaranteed to remove from its employees if they get a deadly jab. No jab-no job. Attendees at the Atherton rally the week before also reported being observed by undercover cops. The few remaining police left around Queensland have been deployed by the ALP to monitor opposition to its unlawful mandates while Aboriginal and a few white youth steal hundreds of cars a week. News Ltd published a selfie phone video taken by murri kids doing burnouts in Townsville last week. In another incident murri kids were gathered in a Townsville shopping centre car park doing burnouts. Staff had called the police

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