Joe Biden Admits Moving 'Slower' to Update Guidance for Vaccinated Americans

President Joe Biden acknowledged Tuesday his coronavirus team had “gone a little slower” updating guidance for vaccinated Americans. The president spoke about upcoming changes to the Centers for Disease Control guidance during a virtual conversation with American governors addressing the fight against the coronavirus and the push to get people vaccinated. During the conversation, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) asked Biden and his team to spend more time demonstrating the benefits of getting the vaccine. “We could use some help from the White House and others, and that is modeling what a fully vaccinated person can do,” he said, and added, “I would like to say that we have fully vaccinated people; we should start acting like it.” Biden said he looked forward to “drawing a portrait” of what vaccinated Americans could do, as opposed to the unvaccinated to encourage more people to get the shot. But he explained why the administration was moving slower. “I mean, so, we’re — and if anything, we’ve been — we’ve gone a little slower to make sure we’re exactly right as — in terms of the percent of the population that has been vaccinated,” Biden said. The president indicated the

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