China’s Trade Surplus Hits Annual Record in 2021 — Saw Double-Digit Growth in Exports Every Month

China’s dominance of global trade in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic was confirmed on Friday with the release of annual data that showed its trade surplus hitting a record high of $676 billion in 2021, a 26 percent gain over 2020 driven by a 30 percent surge in exports.

The Genocide Games: Team GB Told to Ditch Phones For Beijing Olympics Due to Spying Fears

The British Olympic Association has advised Team GB not to bring their mobile phones to Beijing, due to spying fears.

Congress Asks Olympics Committee to Explain Deals with Chinese Slave Companies

American lawmakers sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday demanding an explanation for the IOC’s business deals with two Chinese apparel companies that source their cotton out of Xinjiang, a far-west occupied region where evidence suggests widespread use of slave labor.

Republicans Introduce Bill to Sanction China for 'Obstruction of COVID Origins Investigation'

GOP lawmakers introduced a bill on Tuesday which would sanction Beijing for its “continued obstruction of a COVID origins investigation.”

Saudi Aramco Sets Up Shop in China to Push ‘Non-Metallic Construction Materials’

Saudi Aramco, the extremely wealthy national oil company of Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday announced the establishment of a “Non-Metallic Excellence and Innovation Center” (NEXCEL) in Beijing to promote the use of alternatives to metal in construction projects.

China’s Belt and Road Reaches Central America

China’s state-run Global Times on Wednesday celebrated the inauguration of leftist dictator Daniel Ortega – beginning his fourth term as president of Nicaragua after a rigged election denounced by worldwide democracy activists and the Organization of American States – as a big victory for China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

New US Military Base in Albania Aimed at Countering China

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Exclusive: GOP Bill Would Allow President to Ban Foreign Land Purchases in U.S. for 5 Years

A bill being co-led by Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Mary Miller (R-IL) would place a five-year moratorium on foreign land purchases to protect “American sovereignty” from being “eroded.”

Coronavirus Panic: China Locks Down Another 5.5 Million People

Local Communist Party authorities in Anyang, China, ordered all of the city’s 5.5 million residents to observe strict stay-at-home orders in a notice issued Monday evening after health officials detected an increase in Anyang’s Chinese coronavirus caseload, Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

Broken Nest, The US Anti-China Project To Destroy Semiconductor Factories In Taiwan

Illustrative Image Written by Piero Messina How to prevent China from attacking Taiwan? The gurus at the US Army War College in Carlisle in Pennsylvania have clear ideas. To make Taiwan less attractive, it is enough to destroy its semiconductor companies. The paper is called “Broken Nest, deterring China from invading Taiwan” and was presented in November last year by two researchers from the military study center, Jared M. McKinney and Peter Harris. The idea must be taken very seriously. Us Army War College is one of the most authoritative think tanks in the US military world. The college was born around the Carlisle Barracks, founded in 1757. Since 1904 the center has formed the military elite of the United States and allied countries. From the courses of the US Army War College have passed soldiers who have made the history of the US army such as George Patton (Landing in Normandy in the Second World War) William Westmoreland (the commander of the US forces in the Vietnam War) and Norman Schwarzkopf Jr ( the General who led the forces of the anti-Saddam coalition in the first Gulf War). In recent years, the College of Carlisle has also trained foreign

Power Struggle In The Afghan Region

Illustrative Image Written by Alex Gallant exclusively for SouthFront 1. Key events of the Taliban’s self-proclaimed government in 2021 Only four months after the start of the Taliban’s blitzkrieg-like advance through Afghanistan, the offensive ended with the surrender of Kabul in mid-August 2021. This news raises questions to even the most oblivious individuals concerning military affairs: How can 20 years of training, funding and supplying state of the art technologies could end up in such a swift defeat? Looking at the data gathered at the tactical level, the Afghan National Army (ANA) usually inflicted an amount of casualties considerably superior compared with the Taliban’s number. So how is it possible? To truly understand ANA’s failure to effectively counter the Taliban’s advance, we need to understand the level of corruption creeping through the army’s ranks since the establishment of a democratic government following the American invasion in 2001. In a 2016 investigation from the Helmand’s provincial council, it was found that approximately 40% of the ANA’s workforce only existed on paper. This means that during that time, out of the 25,000 troops posted to confront the Taliban in the Helmand province, only 15,000 were actually deployable for combat. This matter was

Undermining US Global Hegemony Is Good, Actually: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ China and Russia are right to try to undermine US unipolar hegemony. The planet is not America’s property and efforts to stop it being treated as such are good. It’s not okay to be a grown adult in 2022 and still believe the US is a forceContinue reading “Undermining US Global Hegemony Is Good, Actually: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

China’s Collapse Is Near & It’s Biblical!! – Must Video

China is experiencing what could only be described as the wrath of God. How close is the CCP to collapsing? What would that mean for the rest of the world? Join me live today for all this and more! “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness ofContinue reading “China’s Collapse Is Near & It’s Biblical!! – Must Video”

'Morocco has advanced weaponry, so Algeria wants a Chinese defence system'

The MENA Defence website has revealed that the Algerian army has bought a sophisticated Chinese electronic warfare system because Morocco has obtained advanced weapons systems from Turkey and other sources. The Chinese system is capable of blocking enemy communications and detecting radar at a range of hundreds of kilometres. According to media linked to the Algeria-backed Polisario Front fighting for the independence of Western Sahara from Morocco, the Algerian army is now capable of tackling armed drones used by the Moroccan armed forces. The kingdom has around 20 drones, which were bought from Israel and Turkey. In recent weeks, the Royal Moroccan Army inaugurated the first military base dedicated to air defence that depends on the Chinese system known as […]