Apologies for Not Posting

My sincere apologies for not posting over the last week or so.

In addition to running this web site, I also manage and administer a number of other web sites, most of which are powered by older versions of the #Drupal CMS.

Recently a serious security vulnerability was discovered in the Drupal software forcing me to TAKE DOWN those sites affected.

Drupalgeddon 2
Drpalgeddon 2 – Click image to read article on TheHackerNews.com

This seminal moment forced my hand to immediately implement upgrades and #CMS replacements that had been in the planning for some time. A job that requires 100% attention to detail.

You will imagine that I have had little time for anything else.

But I should be back soon as there is just so much vitally interesting news to share with my audience.

To see what web sites were affected click here.

Thank you for your understanding, interest and patience.

— Barefoot Warrior, Editor