Schools Shouldn't Mandate 'Most Dangerous Vaccines in Human History'

Originally published on As schools weigh COVID vaccine mandates for children as young as 5 years old, former Pfizer exec warns injections “are toxic by design” and it seems obvious “criminal acts are being committed.”read more

Over 1,000 Studies Published in Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals Say the Vaccines Are Dangerous

Originally published on But the CDC says the vaccines are safe and effective and there is nothing to worry about. Seriously? Here’s a link to over 1,000 studies published in peer reviewed medical journals documenting the risks of the COVID vaccines. Hmmm…. Shouldn’t these be part of informed consent?read more

'Ministry of Truth' vs Nutritional Medicine

Originally published on by Damien Downing, MBBS, MRSB Just outside the local primary school here in north London, somebody has sprayed these words on a phone or cable junction box, highly visible to the mums and tots: COVID 1984 I often cycle past there, and have always thought “Mmm, a bit extreme”, but now I’m starting to more

Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Pass 1 Million Mark, FDA Signs Off on Pfizer Booster for Kids 12 and Up

Originally published on by Megan Redshawread more

Parents & High-Profile Ambassadors Unite to Ignite Nationwide Conversation On Vaccinations For Kids

Originally published by 23 December 2021 A group of parents formed to empower families across Australia to think critically about vaccinations for primary aged children has attracted the support of influencers such as former Ironman champion Trevor Hendy, drumming legend Jon Farriss, surfing legends Barton Lynch and Taj Burrow, and actors Zoe Naylor and Aaron more

Ben Carson Warns Against Federal Vaccine Database: It Will Be Used 'For Other Things as Well'

Originally published on The well-known medical doctor spoke to FOX news about the mainstream COVID narrative and the proposed Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Actread more

URGENT: D.C. Parents, Take Action to Protect Children From Being Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Originally published on by Rolf Hazlehurst Children’s Health Defense is seeking plaintiffs with legal standing in order to file a lawsuit to stop District of Columbia schools from vaccinating children without their parents’ knowledge or informed consentread more

ReOpen San Diego to Sue the City of San Diego Over Banning Unvaccinated From Elected Office

Originally published on by Amy Reichert On November 29, 2021, the San Diego City Council passed an illegal and discriminatory ordinance that bans unvaccinated people from holding elected office. Prior to the vote, the city of San Diego received 262 public comments opposed and only a few in support. The ordinance was passed during a virtual meeting as the San Diego City Council has not reopened meetings to the public since the lockdowns began in March more

Pandemic Will End When We 'Turn Off Our Screens,' Says The BMJ

Originally published on The pandemic will end when society decides to resume normal life rather than waiting for COVID “dashboards” to register zero cases, said the authors of an article published Tuesday in The BMJread more

Biden's Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals' Incentive Payments for COVID-19

Originally published on by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. and Ali Shultz, more

Steve Kirsch: They've Now Killed Close to TWICE as Many Kids From the Vaccine as Have Died From COVID

Originally published on by Steve Kirsch No end in sight. CDC data on COVID deaths: 757 Here’s the death toll from COVID deaths for kids 18 and younger: about 750 more

666 Cases of Heart Disease in 12 to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots

Originally published on The COVID-19 shots cause heart disease, mainly myocarditis and pericarditis, which is destroying the health of our young more

Fauci & Gates Using Pandemic for Totalitarianism, Warns Robert Kennedy Jr.

Originally published on by Alex Newman Alex Newman interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr. Newman: Who is the real Anthony Fauci, and why should we be concerned? He’s not a friendly public health expert that we see on TV?read more

As Reports of Injuries After COVID Vaccines Near 1 Million Mark, CDC, FDA Clear Pfizer, Moderna Boosters for All Adults

Originally published on by Megan Redshaw VAERS data released today by the CDC included a total of 894,145 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 18,853 deaths and 139,126 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 12, more

FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Data

Originally published on The fed gov’t shields Pfizer from liability. Gives it billions of dollars. Makes Americans take its product. But won’t let you see the data supporting its safety/efficacy. Who does the gov’t work for?read more

VAERS Analysis Exposes CDC, FDA for Covering up Hundreds of Serious Adverse Events Associated With COVID Vaccines

Originally published on by Ethan Huffread more

Big Bird, CNN Push Vaccine Propaganda on Kids

Originally published on by Jeremy Loffredo A tweet showing Sesame Street’s Big Bird getting the COVID vaccine elicited strong criticism from elected officials and media pundits who accused the character of spreading government propagandaread more

CDC Advisors Unanimously Endorse Pfizer's COVID Vaccine for Kids 5-11 Despite Expert Concerns Over Clinical Data

Originally published on by Megan Redshaw If CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signs off on the decision, children ages 5 through 11 could start receiving COVID vaccines as early as tonightread more