A Perfect Storm: Supply Chain Battered by Chinese Port Closures, Trains, Trucks, and Workers

The supply chain crisis isn’t just coming, it’s already here. As Americans face empty shelves across the country, skyrocketing prices on everything, and a constant worker shortage, it’s impossible to ignore – the supply chain crunch is here. And it isn’t getting any better as a perfect storm gathers to decimate our inventory of goods. Consider this: China is the world’s biggest trading nation. Anything they do market-wise reverberates throughout the world. Who is America’s largest trade partner? China. What happens when China decides to shut down some of its ports? Americans feel the crunch. This is what has just happened, as China has shut down the busiest port in the world by shipping volume – the city of Ningbo. In addition, the port of Tianjin has also been locked down, with many people being completely barred from leaving their homes at all. Port of Tianjin. These aren’t the only cities in China which have been locked down – Xi’an has as well (where there’s recently been an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever) – but they are both major ports. Currently, sailing schedules within China are delayed by a week, and cargo ships are being forced to divert to Shanghai with hopes

The US Army Has Been Practicing Battling with American “Freedom Fighters” for Years

The US Army is about to run its final test for aspiring Green Berets this coming January 22, known as Robin Sage, an unconventional warfare exercise put on by the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). This field training exercise is a 19-day test across approximately 50,000 acres of privately owned land throughout rural North Carolina in which Special Forces must wage a guerilla war against an illegitimate government to free the politically unstable region known as Pineland. The exercise runs four times every year, and the most recent exercise will last from January 22 to February 4. Should a soldier fail to pass Robin Sage, they fail to become a Green Beret. What’s the scenario? Pineland’s legitimate government, which was friendly towards America, has been deposed via a coup. Guerilla forces have now risen up in an attempt to fight against this occupying force, and the Green Berets are infiltrating the country to both assist and train the guerilla forces. Soldiers start at Camp McKall, where they study as much as they can on their current mission and plan out how they’re going to infiltrate, their linkup plan, and more. To understand the region they are fighting

Quebec Taxing Un-You-Know-What People At Least $100/Month

Quebec has now decided that if you don’t have the jab, you are to be treated like a criminal and fined on a per month basis. It was January 11, 2022, that Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault made this proclamation, stating, “I think right now it’s a question of fairness for the 90% of the population who made some sacrifices. I think we owe them this kind of measure.” Everybody else has sacrificed their future and their children. You must too. You know, for the good of the collective. That’s quite a mindset, is it not? The notion that you and your cronies think you have some semblance of a right to force your will on a group of people you don’t like simply because you don’t like them? And all under the thin veil of “fairness” – because, after all, there’s an underlying theme of morality on your side, right? Aldous Huxley said it best… This is where sadism seeks a harvest of pleasure from the population at large. Quebec’s Legault would go on to say, “We are working on a health contribution for all the adults who are refusing to get vaccinated.” A contribution? Are you serious?

Who Are the Fathers of Survivalism?

As the world grows ever-crazier, and 2020 has finally brought prepping and survivalism into the mainstream, I can’t help but finding myself consistently thinking back over the fathers of survivalism. In many ways, I believe that modern society has these men to thank for what we now know and think today within the world of prepping and survivalism. These men saw the trouble that was being set up for the United States and sought to do what they could to save as many of their fellowman as possible by broadcasting their ideas on what it would take to survive war, financial collapse, and more on American soil. Really, I think (many of) these men were spot on with their analyses, they were just off on the timing. It seems as if now we are seeing the fruition of the dangers these men pointed out so long ago. Inflation is running rampant, grocery store shelves are barren, we are at risk of war from many angles, and tyranny is growing unchecked. And these men knew this was coming. So, just who were these men? Who are the fathers of survivalism? Let’s take a look…. James Wesley Rawles Personally, I consider