Ballot drop boxes that helped Biden take Wisconsin in 2020 were illegal, judge rules

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty says ballot drop boxes alone correlated with almost the entirety of Joe Biden’s margin of victory over Donald Trump.

Democrats are in trouble come the 2022 midterms: Here’s how they’ve been scamming the American people

To keep control Democrats must make things happen — or at least make us believe that they happened. Moreover, and equally important, there are things that have happened that they must make us believe didn’t really happen.

CNN's Phil Mudd: 'We'll See More' Seditious Conspiracy Charges Against January 6 Rioters

CNN’s counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd said Thursday on “The Lead” that there will be “more” people charged with seditious conspiracy while reacting to the news 11 people, including the leader of the Oath Keepers, being charged for their roles in the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Center for Vaccine Development's Hotez: 'Far-Right Anti-Vaccine Aggression' from CPAC Caused 200,000 Americans to Die

Center for Vaccine Development director Dr. Peter Hotez said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that “far-right anti-vaccine aggression has caused 200,000 Americans” to lose their lives.

Laws protecting drug companies from mask, vaccine liability a real problem, Rep. Massie says

Liability immunity is one of the biggest sources of COVID vaccine hesitancy.

One of the most profound interviews ever published on Cairns News featuring Riccardo Bosi leader of Australia One Party

Link to pass around: Aisling O’Loughlin of The Irish Interview produced this extended interview with the inspirational leader of AUSTRALIAONE Party Riccardo Bosi who has big plans and high hopes for Australia’s future. AUSTRALIAONE is committed to strengthening Australia as a sovereign, self-reliant, Judeo- Christian western democracy which is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, culturally vibrant, and socially cohesive.

Trump and Dr Fauci Met with Robert Kennedy Jr about Vaccines

[embed][/embed] In November 2020, Robert Kennedy Jr was on the Theo von Clips podcast, when he was asked about his would-be role as the vaccine safety czar for the new Trump administration. As Kennedy recalls, “I got a call from his chief of staff, saying the President-Elect wants to meet and he wants to talk about vaccines. So, you know, I’ve been an activist on trying to get safer vaccines for a long time and of course I agreed to meet with him…. “I went to New York and met with him in Trump Tower…it was about a two-hour meeting…people were coming in and out of that meeting. So Steve Bannon was there, Reince Priebus, you remember him, Hope Hill was there, Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kushner and both the President’s sons, at various times were in that meeting… “But I had a lot of time alone with President Trump, too. He said that he believed that vaccines were making people sick. Specifically, he had three women friends who were mothers, one who was in the building that day who had perfectly healthy kids who had gotten their ‘wellness visits’ when they were around two years old and

2 Views on Why Trump is Promoting the Experimental COVID-19 Injections – Which View is Correct?

Candace Owens (Left) and Dr. David Martin (Right) by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Conservative talk show host Candace Owens continues to deal with controversy from her interview with Donald Trump, and recently published a video of her explaining her views on Trump. She has publicly stated that she is against the COVID-19 shots:Continue reading “2 Views on Why Trump is Promoting the Experimental COVID-19 Injections – Which View is Correct?”