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Chicago schools force boys and girls to share restrooms for the sake of ‘gender equity’

Teachers, however, will retain their own exclusive restrooms.

Detroit-Area Schools Closed Due to 'Threats of Violence' Following Oxford School Shooting

Detroit-area schools are closed Thursday following “numerous reports of threats of violence” after Tuesday's deadly school shooting at Oxford High School.

Exclusive – Elise Stefanik: ‘There Is Nothing More Terrifying to a Democrat than Conservative Women’

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is boosting Republican women candidates ahead of next year’s midterm elections and appeared at an event Tuesday with the eight women her political action committee has so far endorsed for...

Arizona State University Appeases Leftists: 'Kyle Rittenhouse Is Not Currently Enrolled'

Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled at Arizona State University (ASU), where a mob of left-wing students have called for his expulsion, despite Rittenhouse being acquitted of all charges.

Dave Chappelle's High School will Ignore Cancel Mob No Matter Outcome of His Renaming Fundraising Contest

Dave Chappelle won another battle with his woke detractors after his former high school announced it would rename its theater despite the mob

Jabbed teachers will be shedding Covid in classrooms look out for your kids in 2022

Schools collecting ‘soft’ data on vaccination status of teachers. Kids may have to learn from home in 2022 by Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace, a former union official, has not...

Florida Parents Sue School for Secretly 'Transitioning' 13-Year-Old Daughter

Parents of a 13-year-old girl sued a Florida school district after she was secretly “transitioned” into a "male" without their permission.

University Professor Says Sexual Attraction to Minors Isn’t Immoral

A sociology professor at a Virginia university said adults’ sexual attraction toward minors isn’t immoral. by Jeremiah Poff Video of Allyn Walker, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University,...

Missouri School District Hires High School Students Due to Short Staffing

A school district in Missouri is turning to students to help fill its vacant positions due to staffing issues.

Washington Post Op-Ed: 'Democrats Are Lying About Critical Race Theory'

The Washington Post published an opinion article on Tuesday titled "Democrats Are Lying About Critical Race Theory."

Qld Premier trumpets Mareeba in the Far North will be the first state school to get deadly Covid jabs

The push by the medical mafia to maim or kill your kids has been ramped up in earnest with the Labor Premier announcing in State Parliament today the poor kids of Mareeba State School...

Caruzo – Venezuela Prepares Students to Go Back to ‘Normal’: Hungry Kids, Crumbling Schools, and No Future

CARACAS, Venezuela — Socialist Dictator Nicolás Maduro announced on May 25 that a possible reopening of Venezuelan classrooms may occur in October 2021 after over a year of coronavirus lockdowns.

Merry ‘Day Off:’ NJ School Officials Nix Names of Holidays from Calendar, Including Christmas, Memorial Day, MLK Jr. Day

Randolph, New Jersey's School Board announced that all holidays would only be referred to as days off on the official school calendar.

Actress Sam Sorbo Warns Teachers About Sex Ed for Young Children, Urges Them to ‘Stand Up, Leave Schools'

Following a report detailing outraged parents of first-grade children at the exclusive New York City Dalton School discovering their children were shown a “sex ed” cartoon in which children talk about “touching themselves” for...


I AM, is a probing exploration of our world, what’s wrong with it, and what we can do to make it better. This represents Tom Shadyac’s first foray into non-fiction following a career as...


STATUS CORRECTION PROCESS WITH KEN COUSENS FOUNDER OF GEMSTONE UNIVERSITY The GEMSTONE University is an integral component of the PanTerra D’Oro Mutual Benefit Society established to provide education, tools and resources for the members...

Ed. Sec'y Cardona: 'Premature' to Say All Kids Should Be in Class in Fall, 'COVID-19 Numbers Will Dictate' Re-Opening

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said that it’s too early to say that all children will be in class in the fall and coronavirus numbers in the community...

Indiana Schools Sue Hundreds of Parents over Unpaid Textbook Fees

Dozens of Indiana school districts are suing parents over unpaid textbook fees, despite receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars per classroom.

U. of Iowa Prof Elizabeth Pearce Offers Thanksgiving Meals to Students Stuck on Campus

A professor at the University of Iowa has offered Thanksgiving meals to students that are stuck on campus as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Professor Elizabeth Pearce received an outpouring of praise and...

Parents Sue School District for Transgender Lessons, Bullying Family for Following Religious Convictions

Parents of students who attended Superior Elementary School in Denver sued the Boulder Valley School District about transgender lessons.