Egypt: 'dilapidated' homes to be demolished to build tower blocks

The Cairo Governorate in Egypt is planning to demolish the Sixth District in Nasr City and replace the homes there with residential tower blocks, the state-owned Akhbar Al-Youm has reported. The local government claims that many of the buildings set to be pulled down are already “dilapidated”. Property owners will be compensated in cash or will have apartments rented for them until the completion of the development project. They will then return to the area. The governorate is likely to set compensation for a 90 square metre unit at 135,000 Egyptian pounds, despite the market value being at least 350,000. State facilities are already being transferred elsewhere pending the development. The one-day surgery hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Health […]

Legal responsibility for the reconstruction of Gaza and Israel's deception

Israel has persisted in its aggression towards Gaza with the objective of eliminating resistance to its occupation of Palestine in preparation for crushing the Palestinians once and for all. Every military offensive has resulted in the destruction of buildings and infrastructure, including public water, electricity and sewage facilities. If the resistance groups had anti-aircraft weapons and a missile defence system Israel would be deterred, but Iran does not want to export the kind of weapons which could shift the balance of power between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. The series of military offensives which began in December 2008 were launched by the then Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, when she was in Cairo. She said that Israel was changing […]

Egypt: Interior ministry, sovereign fund spar over prison land ownership

Officials at the Egyptian Sovereign Fund and the Ministry of the Interior are in dispute over land belonging to prisons which are no longer in use in the country, a researcher at a state-run research centre revealed yesterday. As the army expands its hold over the Egyptian economy, the interior ministry has been seeking to take advantage of the vast land on which a number of old, derelict prisons are located. In October, the ministry said it would close 12 prisons, most were in high-value residential areas. The facilities' list included prisons in the provinces of Cairo, Banha, Alexandria, Tanta, Mansoura, Shebin El-Koum, Zagazig, Old Damanhour, Beheira and Minya. An official at one of the prisons' administrations told local media […]

Egypt releases 3 prominent political prisoners. What about the 65,000 others?

The new year brought with it the welcome news that three of Egypt's most prominent political prisoners have now been, or are set to be, released from prison. Former EIPR researcher Patrick Zaki, who was studying for his master's in Italy, was freed on 8 December after 22 months in prison where he was held incommunicado, beaten and tortured by electric shock. Whilst in jail Rome granted him honoury Italian citizenship. Ola Qaradawi returned home on 31 December after being held in pretrial detention since 2017 and accused of being part of an illegal organisation in reference to the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. For two of the four years of her incarceration Ola was held in solitary confinement. This week […]

Egypt: 2 men arrested after teen commits suicide over doctored images shared online

Two men have been arrested in Egypt after a 17-year-old woman committed suicide after doctored images which made her look like she was naked, were shared online. Basant Khaled's sister told local news that one of the young men asked her sister out and when she refused, the two of them created and shared the photos. The two men had fled their village in the Nile Delta Province of Gharbuyah where it took place and were in hiding before they were arrested. After the images were circulated, Basant's classmates and teachers bullied her. Her father reportedly did not believe that the photos were fake. Eventually, she became so severely depressed she swallowed a toxic pill. “Mum, I hope you understand […]

Egypt health minister's ex-husband on trial in bribery case

Egyptian judicial sources yesterday revealed the names of the four defendants referred last week for a criminal trial in the case known in the media as “the health ministry bribery case”. Last Wednesday, Public Prosecutor Hamada El-Sawy ordered the referral of the four defendants to criminal trial, without disclosing their names, on charges of abusing power and taking bribes to reverse a decision to close an unlicensed private hospital. Yesterday, judicial sources identified the defendants as Mohamed Ahmed Beheiry, the general manager for licensing non-governmental medical institutions at the Ministry of Health; Malek Attiya Ibrahim El-Fayoumy, one of the owners of the hospital; Mohamed Abdel-Meguid Hussein El-Ashaab, a specialist at an insurance company and the ex-husband of Minister of Health […]

Huge debt and a shrinking private sector marked Egypt's economy in 2021

The Egyptian economy slid into a foreign debt trap in 2021, and the country ended up borrowing in order to make repayments and cover the interest on existing loans. It also expanded domestic borrowing through treasury bonds while maintaining high interest rates in a bid to attract foreigners to purchase public debt instruments. This has led to an increase in the latter amounting to 40 per cent of public expenditure. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance is unable to fulfil its targets regarding the budget deficit, the value of which as a percentage of the GDP increased according to the results of the first five months of the current fiscal year. Bank deposits continued to rise despite low-interest rates at local […]

The Egyptian judiciary deploys controversial technology to prolong pre-trial detention

The Egyptian Ministry of Justice decided to convert oral speech into the written record during court sessions and allow the generalisation of remote pre-trial renewal technology in all courts, as of January 2022, after the project was under trial and limited to certain courts that were electronically equipped. The new decision allows judges to hold hearings for the renewal of pre-trial detention and its appeal remotely, using technology and record hearing minutes through a technology of converting oral speech into a written record signed by both the president of the court and the session secretary. This decision faced numerous legal and human rights objections because it conflicts with the law, which requires the Public Prosecution and the accused to be […]

Egypt's grand mufti legalises use of contraceptives to limit population growth

Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawki Abdel-Karim Allam has announced that the use of contraceptives was “permissible and does not cause any harm to the family or women” and can be used to control population growth. Allam added that there was “no problem in taking steps to maintain development and achieve positive goals for the family and the state.” The country's Health and Population Committee yesterday discussed the country's population growth, with members saying there “should be one entrusted body to manage the population problem,” stressing that a “competent authority must be unified to manage the matter.” With over 100 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Arab world, the third-most populous in […]

Egypt: Body of forcibly disappeared man held for 6 years without his family being notified

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights (ENHR) said last week that Egyptian authorities held the body of a prisoner for six years without telling his family he had died. Mohamed Jumaa Youssef Afifi, 52, died at the National Security Headquarters in Cairo in December 2015 after he was tortured so badly he had a heart attack. Rather than admitting that he had been killed, prison authorities continued to claim that Mohamed was alive and failed to inform his family even though they filed several lawsuits to find out where he was. Mohamed actually died less than a month after being arrested. The Egyptian authorities have a long record of forcibly disappearing and torturing people who criticise the government or anyone […]

Egypt orders release of Egypt-Palestine activist Ramy Shaath

Egypt's prosecution has ordered that detained Egyptian-Palestinian activist Ramy Shaath be released from jail. Ramy has been detained since 5 July 2019 after security forces arrested him from his flat without a warrant and accused him of assisting a terror group as part of the Alliance of Hope, a then upcoming political block which planned to run in the elections. In 2020 authorities added him to a terror list, alongside other political prisoners including former member of parliament Zyad Elelaimy, banned him from travelling and froze his assets. A panel of United Nations experts later called for the removal of Ramy and Zyad from the list and criticised it as an attempt to “attack individuals engaged in human rights work.” His wife, […]

Arab states condemn Houthis' seizure of UAE-flagged ship

A number of Arab states and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) yesterday condemned the seizure of a UAE-flagged cargo ship heading to the Saudi port of Jizan by Yemen's Houthis. The vessel had set sail from the Yemeni Red Sea Island of Socotra when it was intercepted. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the “Houthi militia's hijacking of the UAE-flagged cargo”, adding that “such terrorist operations pose a real threat to freedom of navigation” and calling for the “immediate release of the ship”. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Jordan and Bahrain also condemned “in the strongest terms” the ship's exposure to “piracy and hijacking”. The OIC's General Secretariat also called for “the immediate release of the ship”. […]

Egypt's Suez Canal record highest annual revenue ever in 2021 

Egypt's Suez Canal achieved a total of $6.3 billion revenue in 2021, the highest in the canal's history, official data showed yesterday. The state-run Suez Canal Authority (SCA) chief, Osama Rabie, said in a statement that the high revenues had stemmed from a “significant increase in the transit rates of various types of ships compared to 2020.” Rabie pointed out that the canal's net tonnages for last year had amounted to “over 1.27 billion tons,” adding that the latter had “exceeded everything registered before.” He went on saying that the canal's navigation movement last year had seen “20,694 ships crossing from both directions compared to 18,830 ships during the year 2020, marking a 10 per cent increase of 1,864 ships.” […]

Egypt releases Ola Qaradawi from jail

Ola Al-Qaradawi, daughter of the Islamic scholar Yusuf Qaradawi, was released from jail in Egypt today and returned home, local media reported. Ola was detained, along with her husband, on 30 June 2017 and held in pre-trial detention which was repeatedly renewed. She has stressed that she “did not commit any act contrary to the law, and that her arrest and remand in custody throughout this period is simply because she is a daughter of Al-Qaradawi.” She was being held in solitary confinement. Their detention was renewed on charges of allegedly joining a terrorist group; in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. Her father, Yusuf, is wanted as a a reult of his links to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt. He lives in Qatar. READ: […]

How to Overthrow Governments: The Color Revolution Formula

[embed][/embed] TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES by Aaron Hawkins at Storm Clouds Gathering In February of 2022 Austria would attempt to set a new precedent: compulsory vaccination enforced by steep fines and imprisonment. Other jurisdictions would follow suit. Even as these announcements rolled in many still clung to the idea that protests alone could deter the psychopaths running the show. Given the scale and intensity of these protests such optimism was understandable but premature. In this video we’re going to provide specific instructions on how to overthrow governments with little or no bloodshed. These tactics have been employed successfully in Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and elsewhere. The existence of the Color Revolution approach is well known, but most writings on the subject are highly abstract and obscure the details. If used properly, and in time, a great deal of suffering could be averted. However in order to understand the urgency, one must account for the unpleasant surprise that those in power have planned. As the Omicron variant replaced Delta as the new boogie man of choice the mainstream narrative was falling apart in spite of mass censorship. Resistance was mounting all around the world. Legal challenges had hamstrung progress in many jurisdictions. And the

Egypt, Israel agree to boost stability in the region

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid agreed on Saturday to boost stability in the region. In a statement, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that “both ministers reiterated the importance of reviving negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, as well as to create a political horizon in parallel with a stable political climate that reinforces stability in the region and avoids tensions.” During the call, they discussed the reconstruction of the besieged Gaza Strip and development assistance to all the Palestinian territories in coordination with the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “the two expressed their great satisfaction with the meeting that took place between Prime Minister Naftali Bennet and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.” Describing the phone […]

Jamaica's Lowe signs for Egypt football club Al-Ittihad

Jamaican defender and captain Damion Lowe has signed for the Egyptian Premier League football club Al-Ittihad becoming the first Jamaican player in an Egyptian club. Lowe arrived in Cairo on Friday where he was greeted by Al-Ittihad’s Manager Bilal Nazir and club President Mohamed Moselhy. The 27-year-old previously played for US United Soccer League (USL) side Phoenix Rising FC since September but due to a COVID-19 outbreak among some of the league’s players the season was concluded without a champion ahead of his team’s scheduled final against Tampa Bay Rowdies earlier last month. “I’m excited and very optimistic. I’ve been out of a contract for a couple of weeks since leaving Phoenix Rising and it’s a new adventure for me. I think I’m the first Jamaican to play professionally here, so I see this as me opening doors to another market for other Jamaicans to come,” he said in a report by the Jamaica Observer. “I’m looking forward to meeting the team and to start training and getting back to playing well and being on my ‘A game’,” he was quoted as saying ahead of the semi-final fixture against champions Al-Ahly in Cairo which will kick off tonight. Egypt Cup

Egypt arrests 14 for racism against black Zamalek football player

At least 14 people have been arrested for racism aimed at a top Zamalek football player after a highly disturbing video circulated on Facebook. The video shows a crowd of people chanting “Shikabala, Shikabala” – the nickname for Mohamed Abdel Razek, who is black – and raising a black dog wearing a Zamalek football shirt with the number 10 above their heads. It was circulated following Zamalek’s defeat at the hands of Al-Ahly. Abdel Razek, who is originally from Aswan, has been the victim of racist attacks in the past. In 2010 the player announced he was quitting international football as a result. In 2015 football player Ahmed Almerghani, who is also from Aswan, appeared on the Egyptian call-in TV show Al-Aashira Masaa. Following the show, Zamalek President Mortada Mansour called Almerghani a “traitor” in what was interpreted by analysts at the time as racism. READ: Egypt football player Mido Jaber feared forcibly disappeared from army hotel Nubians are often targeted for racism due to their darker skin, which is perpetuated by Egyptian media and the film industry, which often casts Nubians to play characters who come across as stupid. In addition to racism against football players, rights groups have criticised the racism prevalent among Egyptian

Egypt police detain dancer for 'wearing an outfit betraying ancient heritage'

Egyptian police have detained a photographer and a dancer after they shot images outside the pyramids of Giza. Last week, Salma Elshimy posted photographs of herself in an ancient Egyptian dress in front of the Pyramid of Djoser in the Saqqara archaeological area. Local news reported that Salma, dubbed “the Saqqara girl”, exploited the cultural value of the antiquities in inappropriate Pharaonic clothes. READ: Journalist Solafa Magdy spends 1 year in Egypt prison Sources told Masrawy that she wore a black abaya while entering the area so as not to attract attention, then took it off for the photographs. Director of the Saqqara Antiquities Zone, Mohamed Youssef, said that Salma has been referred for investigation and that legal measures would be taken against her for wearing outfits that betrayed ancient heritage. Salma is a graduate of nursing from Ain Shams University. She has also published a number of videos on TikTok. Over the last several months Egyptian authorities have arrested a number of female influencers who have become known as the TikTok girls in what is seen as a crackdown on women and social media influencers.