DEVOLVED | Vol 1 – A Fortified Election

In the US and throughout the West over the past two years, we’ve witnessed universal institutional collapse, the implosion of Constitutional rights and the deployment of mass genocide. In the face of this global tyranny, the last thing we need is false hope. I know people who want to knock out the teeth of those slinging hopium and who would delude us with their cyber-grifter Operation Trust (and I know others who will pay them $10,000 for each tooth they knock out!) But seriously, if all of your main allies and trading partners – or rather, the captured governments of the planetary Deep State – had colluded to steal your sovereign government’s election, what would be the appropriate way to respond to such an act of war, that is on par with a nuclear strike? Consider, as well that the putative perpetrators are being puppeteered by the same Satanist banksters whose agents have infiltrated all of the world’s governments, including yours. Since July 2nd 2021, Patel Patriot has been seeking to answer this question in a viral series of articles on Substack, exploring the possibility of ‘White Hats’ in the intelligence and military sectors of our government are working

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