LGBT activists again seek to fly homosexual ‘pride’ flag outside Ontario Catholic schools

The LGBT lobby didn’t succeed at accomplishing this last year despite their massive efforts. So, this year, they’re starting their campaigning early.

How to prepare for possible food shortages

Given the facts that employees are constantly sent home to ‘quarantine when they aren’t sick and border crossings are often bunged up due to red tape ostensibly needed to ‘slow the spread,’ it was only a matter of time before commerce would reach a bottleneck scenario. 

Media exploitation of Ted Cruz’s teen daughter shows why kids shouldn’t have smartphones

Giving children smartphones and access to social media at younger and younger ages means giving children the ability to destroy or transform their own lives and the lives of others before they can understand the consequences of what they are doing.

George Soros is spending billions to fund social justice-focused ‘global’ university network

It is clear from Soros’ massive funding of leftist causes that he has worked tirelessly to cement his ethos in global society. His funding of billions to foment racial strife and shape global education is proof of this. Soros’ vision to mainstream his thinking on a worldwide scale through his global university network and his racial politics spending impact every American citizen.

Multiple Illinois cities resist new vaccine passport system that makes 5 year olds carry papers 

The Democrat-stronghold of Cook County, which includes Chicago, requires everyone aged 5 and over to show their papers if they want to enter public establishments. 

The Story Of My Dad – The Conversation We Would All Love To Have With Our Father

Not many people get the opportunity to have a personal interview with members of their own family, but this is my opportunity to sit down with Dad and get to know more about his life. He was born in 1942 in Florence, Arizona in a hospital made of Adobe – mud bricks, to which people still use to this day. In fact, my grandad’s house was made of the same material. Growing up, both his parents, my grandparents, were farmers and lived in the south of America. During the depression, they came west and ended up in Arizona. His dad worked as a farmer while his mother worked in the courts. Times were tough. They didn’t have much, they had no real help, no services and it was all hazards and hardships. We talk today about how life has gotten easier for people and there isn’t that challenge anymore to test yourself or push through adversity and standing up for what you are fighting for. It seems to be an easier way of life. Yet, working on the farm helped me become a better person. Understanding the challenges of life and what it feels like to roll up your sleeves,

Ghislaine Maxwell Hires Elite Legal Team To Face US Prosecutors

Accused sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has hired a fleet of powerhouse attorneys to defend her against federal charges that she procured underage girls as young as 14 for sexual encounters with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Bloomberg Law, “Maxwell will confront federal prosecutors with years of experience in New York courts and deep knowledge ofContinue reading “Ghislaine Maxwell Hires Elite Legal Team To Face US Prosecutors”

Antichristian Newsom Bans ‘Singing and Chanting’ in Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues using Chinese style policies

Please help keep this website going by making a small donation in support of Leo’s work through Fundly:  or Patreon: Article by Leo Zagami   A few days ago, Gavin Newsom ordered the California Department of Public Health to ban “singing and chanting” in houses of worship, including churches, mosques, and synagogues. While the departmentContinue reading “Antichristian Newsom Bans ‘Singing and Chanting’ in Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues using Chinese style policies”

Marjory Wildcraft: Grow Your Own Food: 3-Part System for Food Security

Marjory Wildcraft joins Christian to explore a 3-part system to quickly grow abundant food for your family. Marjory brings deep experience in organic farming, permaculture, agroforestry, indigenous teachings together with her unique perspective as founder of The Grow Network (, where 150,000+ individuals share their own experiences in food production. We also discuss why animalsContinue reading “Marjory Wildcraft: Grow Your Own Food: 3-Part System for Food Security”

Cancer Survivor Story: Lisa Schroeder

By Ty & Charlene BollingerJuly 6, 2020 In 2017, Lisa Schroeder received her diagnosis of triple-negative DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in situ) in the left breast. Lisa and her family felt that chemotherapy and radiation was not the answer to cancer from the beginning, so it made working with western doctors very difficult. They had seenContinue reading “Cancer Survivor Story: Lisa Schroeder”

WATCH – Family of 8-Year-Old Shot in Atlanta: 'You Killed Your Own'

The father of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner took part in a press conference in which he said, “They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own.” CNN reports that 8-year-old Turner was killed Saturday night while riding with her mother, Charmaine Turner, who had a friend driving. “The driver was attempting to enter a parking lot atContinue reading “WATCH – Family of 8-Year-Old Shot in Atlanta: 'You Killed Your Own'”

Texas Bishop Calls out ‘Dangerous’ Black Lives Matter Movement

The bishop of Tyler, Texas, has urged the faithful to educate themselves about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, insisting that its mission statement is contrary to Christian belief. “Please educate yourself on this!” Bishop Joseph Strickland wrote in an Independence Day tweet in reference to the BLM mission statement. “Toward the end of thisContinue reading “Texas Bishop Calls out ‘Dangerous’ Black Lives Matter Movement”

280,000 Sign Petition Slamming Movie Starring Michael Jackson’s Daughter Portraying Jesus as a ‘Lesbian Woman’

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to demand the blocking of the upcoming film Habit in which Paris Jackson reportedly plays the role of a “lesbian Jesus.” The petition on calls on Warner Bros and other distributors to reject this “blasphemous Hollywood film” that sees Jackson play the role of Jesus alongside model andContinue reading “280,000 Sign Petition Slamming Movie Starring Michael Jackson’s Daughter Portraying Jesus as a ‘Lesbian Woman’”