The Ancient Healing Elixir that Boosts Health and…

Bone broth is an amazing nutritious substance that while certainly not new, is steadily gaining in popularity with a whole new generation of cooks and health & fitness enthusiasts. Even celebrities are speaking out about the benefits of bone broth nutrition. Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek are just a few of the celebs who have publicly proclaimed the numerous health benefits of this ancient savory recipe. In fact, many people are calling bone broth “nature’s multivitamin” as it contains multiple minerals and other chemical compounds that most people are lacking in their diet. For example, bone broth is packed with: Over 19 easy-to-absorb, essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) Collagen/gelatin which helps form connective tissue and promotes strong hair and nails Nutrients that support your immune system, good digestion, and brain health How to Make Bone Broth As the name implies, bone broth is made by simmering animal bones for several hours to release the nutrients found in the bones, cartilage, and marrow. Vegetables, herbs, and spices are often added for flavor, along with a dash of vinegar to help draw the nutrients from the bones. The resulting broth can be consumed alone, used as a soup base, or added to sauces

4 Factors That Put Your Gut Health at Risk

Few people are truly aware of the importance of a balanced gut for their overall health and wellbeing. Some may even be unaware that we have a teeming community of microbes inside us! This unseen population of trillions of microbes comprises the gastrointestinal ecosystem that is known as your gut microbiome made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more. The gut “flora” (microbes) is referred to by scientists as microbiota. The balance of your microbiota, and overall microbiome health and function, is extremely important, affecting nearly every system in your body. An imbalance (often referred to as dysbiosis) of the gut microbiome and microbiota has been connected to many issues in the body including: Allergies Depression Autism Obesity and weight gain Digestive disorders (GERD, IBS, etc.) Yeast overgrowth Compromised immunity and much more! What Is an Imbalance of Microbiota? A “balanced” microbiome refers to the optimum synergy in the symbiotic relationship between the microbes themselves, the function of each, and how those processes relate to your body. Generally stated, this is achieved by having: 1) a great diversity of microbiota, and 2) optimal levels of each microbe. If one type of microbe is allowed to either gain the upper hand or be

Clean Keto vs. Dirty Keto (PLUS 13 Tips for Success!)

In magazines, online, on billboards, in social media…we are inundated with images of chiseled bodies eating plates of bacon in connection with the ketogenic diet. Today, health produce promoters that are more interested in making a buck than helping people are making unrealistic claims which may be, quite frankly, dangerous to your health. If you are considering “going keto,” make sure you do it the right by following these simple yet powerful tips! How NOT to Eat Keto (AKA The “Dirty” Keto Diet) Before we dive in to doing the keto the RIGHT WAY, let’s talk about the WRONG way to practice the ketogenic diet. To put it simply, eating healthy the keto way does not mean eating commercially-bought bacon for breakfast, a fast food burger for lunch, and a one-pound steak for dinner, with nothing else on your plate. It does mean eating organic, hormone-free and non-GMO proteins, plenty of fiber in the form of vegetables and some low-sugar fruits, and, most importantly, healthy sources of organic, toxin-free fats. Anybody that advises that you to “just cut the carbs” to go keto is just plain wrong. That’s a dirty keto diet. What’s more, following bad advice about eating ketogenic

Is it Healthy to Detox for Weight Loss?

Have you ever embarked on a so-called cleansing program or detox for weight loss, where the main goal was merely to shed the pounds as fast as possible? What was the result? Was it long-lasting? Detoxing solely for the weight-loss benefits can be counterproductive to your weight-loss goals in the long run. Not only that, it can also be dangerous for your health. This is because the relationship between fat cells and detoxification is a very complicated one where many individual factors come into play. Let’s explore the role that fat plays in the body, why your body might be holding on to toxic substances, and how the right kind of detoxification can help you achieve a healthy weight for your body. Why Do We Even Need Fat Cells? There is still a lot that even the most informed health professionals don’t know yet about the connection between health and weight. While major studies have made the correlation between obesity (as determined by a person’s Body Mass Index or BMI) and disease risk, that doesn’t mean that a person’s weight, whatever it may be, is the number one cause of disease. There are simply too many factors at play within a personal biology and

Hopeful Heroes Speak Out For Health And Medical Freedom…

This article originally appeared on and has been shared here with permission by the author.  Ty and Charlene Bollinger organized a phenomenal conference assembling a Who’s Who in America of medical experts, doctors and activists known by any researcher questioning the official Covid plandemic narrative. The Bollingers sponsor an annual Truth About Cancer event but this time the timely focus was appropriately on health and medical freedom and censorship. The event was held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center on October 22-24, 2021. See here. About 2,000 attendees travelled from all across America as far as Washington state. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, HighWire host/Informed Consent Action Network founder Del Bigtree, documentarian Mikki Willis, Roger Stone and Eric Trump were just a few of the many speakers too numerous to name in this article. A group photo of the speakers taken at the end of the event (missing a few who had already left) are seen here. Ty and Charlene Bollinger were names familiar to me. I knew the couple was involved with alternative approaches to treating cancer rather than the medical establishment’s solutions of chemotherapy and radiation, but they weren’t really on my radar.

Pancreatic Cancer Month: Top Tips for Prevention

This year, an estimated 60,430 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States alone. More than 48,220 will likely die. That’s because pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers.  It doesn’t help that most pancreatic cancers aren’t diagnosed until the later stages, or that doctors almost always prescribe the Big 3: chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Only about 10% of patients survive for 5 years.  Why all the doom and gloom? Because November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. And although this particular type of cancer is extremely aggressive, it is NOT a death sentence and there is ALWAYS hope. And there are some promising treatments available.  Pancreatic Enzymes One protocol that has no side effects and relies entirely on nature and the body’s natural immune system is pancreatic enzymes. The pancreas is a gland that produces digestive enzymes and insulin. It’s an essential organ for maintaining healthy digestion and regulating blood sugar.  Those with pancreatic cancer begin to lose their ability to produce these enzymes, which makes it nearly impossible to digest important fats and proteins or absorb nutrients. But several doctors have successfully used pancreatic enzymes to help treat pancreatic cancer.  In 1958,

Roger Stone Speaks @ TTAC [LIVE] in Nashville

Our good friend, Roger Stone, gave a riveting speech at TTAC [LIVE] in Nashville on October 24, 2021. Roger is a patriot who loves Jesus and loves this country! Here is a personal letter that Roger wrote earlier this year about his wife, Nydia, and her battle with cancer as well as the multiple instances of government abuse which led to his epic struggle for justice, personal freedom and vindication. The post Roger Stone Speaks @ TTAC [LIVE] in Nashville appeared first on The Truth About Cancer.

Over Half of U.S. Cosmetics Are Toxic, Study Says

Women around the world have been using beauty products for generations. From foundations and blush to lipstick and mascara, these cosmetics have become a staple for the modern woman. But what if the very products designed to help you look and feel your best are actually killing you? That’s the takeaway from new research out of Notre Dame, which found that over half of all makeup sold in the U.S. and Canada contain high levels of dangerous toxins. One of these poisonous compounds has been associated with serious health conditions like cancer and reduced birth weight: They’re called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. The researchers tested more than 230 commonly used cosmetics and found that 56% of foundations and eye products, 48% of lip products and 47% of mascaras contained fluorine — an indicator of PFAS. These so-called “forever chemicals” are commonly used in nonstick frying pans, rugs, and countless other consumer products. Some of the highest PFAS levels were found in waterproof mascara (82%) and long-lasting lipstick (62%), according to the study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters. Twenty-nine products with higher fluorine concentrations were tested further and found to contain between four and thirteen specific

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: The Health Benefits…

Perhaps nothing is more synonymous with the fall season than pumpkins. Carved pumpkins, pumpkin pies, and pumpkin bread can be found in nearly every home, store, and farm stand. But did you know that pumpkins, their seeds, and their seed oil all provide massive health benefits? This amazing fruit (you read that correctly: pumpkins are a fruit!) is absolutely packed with nutrients and a great source of vitamins A, C, and E. Let’s take a look at the amazing health benefits of pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin Benefits Supports the Immune System As indicated by their bright orange color, pumpkins contain beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A when consumed. Research has demonstrated that vitamin A plays an important role in promoting immune function. Vitamin C also contributes to immune activity facilitating immune cell activity and increasing white blood cells. Antioxidants help fight off disease-causing free radicals in the body by preventing damage to cells involved in the immune response. Fortunately, pumpkins contain high levels of vitamins A and C, which are both antioxidants. Supports Heart Health Pumpkin contains fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, and is also naturally low in sodium — all of which support healthy

Eric Trump Keynote @ TTAC [LIVE] 2021 in Nashville

We were thrilled to have Eric Trump take the stage as our final keynote on Saturday, October 23, 2o21 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee. You’ll be inspired by this patriotic speech !!     And of course, here’s a photo of Eric with the Bollinger family that we love!   The post Eric Trump Keynote @ TTAC [LIVE] 2021 in Nashville appeared first on The Truth About Cancer.

Your Fast Food is Loaded With Plasticizers

Fast food is notoriously bad for you. Sure, it’s convenient. And those fake, processed foods are literally designed to be addictive. But the nutritional value of most of these meals is nonexistent, and the trans fats alone are worth avoiding these places altogether.  But in case you needed another reason to give up fast food for good… A new study released on October 27th has discovered that most fast food contains high levels of plasticizers called phthalates. The research, published in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, showed that the drive-thru food you love to hate (and hate to love) is chock-full of hormone-disrupting chemicals and solvents used to increase plasticity.  Researchers at George Washington University ordered dozens of items from McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Taco Bell, and Chipotle. According to their analysis, they found phthalates in over 80% of the samples. And 70% contained the phthalate DEHP. Both of the chemicals have been linked to reproductive health problems. The study authors found several different phthalates, as well as other chemicals meant to replace phthalates, across a variety of fast food takeout items, including fries, burritos, and cheeseburgers. Phthalates are a widely used type of plasticizer, used

Chemotherapy Reduces COVID Jab Protection, Study Says

Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital, Austria, have demonstrated that the type of cancer treatment patients receive influences their COVID-19 shot response. Specifically, they found those undergoing chemotherapy had lower antibody levels than patients undergoing targeted therapy. The team studied antibody production following coronavirus vaccination in over 600 participants in two patient groups and in a control group made up of healthy hospital staff. “Patients with solid cancers were included, as were patients with blood cancers,” added Matthias Preusser who led the study published in JAMA Oncology. “Patients receiving chemotherapy had lower antibody levels than patients receiving targeted therapy,” explained lead author Maximilian Mair. In both healthy individuals and cancer patients, antibody levels were higher after full immunization with the licensed coronavirus shots than after only one dose but, even after full vaccination, antibody levels were higher in healthy individuals than in cancer patients. No differences were found between the various jabs, with most people having received messenger RNA (mRNA) shots in the study. “Overall, our data show that most cancer patients develop antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 Spike (S) protein after vaccination and therefore vaccination is generally recommended, but that vaccine protection is reduced by

The COVID Cookie is Crumbling

As the lies surrounding the COVID pandemic – and the government response – continue to be exposed, it seems that more and more people are abandoning ship. Last month, two of the FDA’s top vaccine officials resigned, citing anger over the Biden administration’s plan to roll out COVID-19 booster shots before officials had a chance to approve it. Today, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins announced his plans to resign after nearly three decades at the agency. The 71-year-old physician-geneticist led the agency under three consecutive presidents — making him the first presidentially appointed NIH director to serve in more than one administration and the longest-serving NIH director. “I fundamentally believe… that no single person should serve in the position too long, and that it’s time to bring in a new scientist to lead the NIH into the future,” Collins said in a statement. Collins was also opposed to the Biden administration’s plan for COVID booster shots. “This is the way it ought to be,” Collins said about the FDA’s decision late last month to limit boosters, despite the Biden administration’s pledge that boosters would launch broadly by September 20th. “Science sort of playing out in a very

Fired ER Doctor Says For-Profit Healthcare Isn’t…

In March of 2020, after speaking out about his hospital’s safety practices, ER doctor Ming Lin was fired from his job at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Washington. A spokeswoman for St. Joseph said that Lin did not work for the hospital and referred questions about his dismissal to TeamHealth, the medical staffing firm that employed him. TeamHealth said in a statement that it would work with Lin to find the “right location” for him. Apparently, this kind of vindictive censorship by healthcare companies is not uncommon. “It’s about health care workers. We are repressed. We’re not given opportunities to speak out,” said Lin. “Many of us have to speak out anonymously because we are afraid.“ Two months after his firing, Dr. Lin filed a lawsuit to get his job back. The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington is representing Lin in his lawsuit against both PeaceHealth and the physician staffing firm TeamHealth. “Rather than stifling speech and removing individuals that point out deficiencies in their practices, [hospitals] instead should listen, eliminate the problems that threaten people’s health, and encourage the experts on their staff to come forward with solutions,” Antoinette Davis, a senior staff attorney for ACLU-WA,

Chemotherapy Rates Decline As New Treatments Emerge

Once considered the “gold standard” of cancer care by modern oncology, chemotherapy treatments have been steadily declining – especially in breast and lung cancer patients. And while the natural therapies are not as well known, due in large part to the Flexner Report of 1910, it’s a GREAT sign that the medical establishment is willing to move away from harsh treatments that offer little benefit to patients.  For decades, chemotherapy was considered “the rule, the dogma,” for treating breast cancer and other cancers, said Dr. Gabriel Hortobagyi, a breast cancer specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. But data from a variety of sources offers some confirmation of what many oncologists say anecdotally — chemotherapy is becoming less common for many cancer patients. Genetic tests can now reveal whether chemotherapy would be beneficial. For many there are better options with an ever-expanding array of drugs, including estrogen blockers and drugs that destroy cancers by attacking specific proteins on the surface of tumors. And there is a growing willingness among oncologists to scale back unhelpful treatments. The diminution of chemotherapy treatment is happening for some other cancers, too, including lung cancer, the most common cause of cancer deaths in the

Nursing Home Doctors Use Fake Diagnoses to Hide…

A New York Times investigative report has discovered that over 20% of nursing home residents are currently prescribed antipsychotic medications, with 1 in 9 patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. The report shows that most of these patients have been improperly diagnosed so that dangerous antipsychotics can be used off-label as sedatives.  Many of the diagnoses appear to be efforts to give residents sedative drugs such as Haldol, so understaffed facilities can better handle them, even when there is no evidence a patient has schizophrenia. The diagnosis is given to treat residents for symptoms like restlessness and agitation. Misusing these drugs can cause a facility’s reputation to fall, so in order to avoid officially reporting the usage of antipsychotics, nursing homes are resorting to falsely diagnosing residents with schizophrenia to dodge reporting regulations. In the US, schizophrenia is prevalent in less than 0.64% of the population. The disorder, which presents psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and thought disorder, is usually diagnosed when someone is in their late teens to early thirties, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. So why are the elderly being diagnosed at such a high rate? Because facilities do not have to report residents using antipsychotic

EPA Bans Toxic Pesticide Connected to Childhood Brain…

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally moved to ban the use of chlorpyrifos, a toxic insecticide linked to brain damage in children. The ban is expected to take effect early next year, and will apply to all food uses. It’s a big win for the supporters of natural health and organic produce, and could mark a shift in the way our government regulates chemical use.  Here’s what you need to know. Chlorpyrifos has been registered for use in the U.S. since the 1960s as an agricultural pesticide. It’s estimated between 5 and 8 million pounds of the chemical are used on U.S. soil every year! Part of a family of nerve agents developed during World War II, chlorpyrifos is a potent neurotoxin that research shows can permanently and irreversibly harm the developing brains of children.  Exposure in early life to chlorpyrifos — on favorite fruits like apples and berries, via drinking water contaminated by agricultural runoff, and through drifting air from nearby farm fields — can increase the risk of developmental delays, learning disabilities, lower IQ scores, and ADHD. It can also lead to respiratory problems and diminished lung function.  In 1989, the National Resources Defense

LAPD Ordered to Collect Citizens’ Social Media…

According to documents obtained by the Brennan Center for Justice, The Los Angeles Police Department is now ordered to collect social media information from anyone with whom they interact… even if that person is not arrested or suspected of committing a crime. Internal records show that officers are tracking people and their connections with little guidance or oversight to protect privacy and First Amendment rights. Copies of the “field interview cards” that police complete when they question civilians reveal that LAPD officers are instructed to record a civilian’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts, alongside basic biographical information. An internal memo further shows that the police chief, Michel Moore, told employees that it was critical to collect the data for use in “investigations, arrests, and prosecutions”, and warned that supervisors would review cards to ensure they were complete. Oftentimes this surveillance can expand to your contacts, friends, or followers, creating an even larger privacy concern. “It allows for a huge expansion of network surveillance,” said Rachel Levinson-Waldman, a deputy director at the Brennan Center, noting how police and prosecutors have previously used Facebook photos and “likes” to make dubious or false allegations of criminal gang activity. A

XCheck: Inside Facebook’s Secret Society of VIP Users

The level of biased censorship in social media has reached a fevered pitch, with mega-companies like Facebook leading the charge. But new internal documents show that Facebook has a secret list of VIP users who are exempt from the rules. It’s called XCheck. The internet has become a seemingly essential tool for communication and the dissemination of information. Gone are the days of newspapers, libraries, and town hall meetings: if you have something to say or a question to answer, you need to get online.  But your ability to speak freely online is quickly evaporating. Since a year ago, companies like Facebook have been aggressively censoring information and opinions. And this “nazi-esque” style of censorship was hailed as a brave fight against terrorism and misinformation.  Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that the social media platform allows its billions of users to communicate on a level playing field with the celebrities of media, politics, and pop culture.  Turns out, that was a big, fat LIE. The program, known as “cross check” or “XCheck,” was initially intended as a quality-control measure for actions taken against high-profile accounts, including celebrities, politicians and journalists.  Today, it shields millions of VIP users

Why Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Won’t Work

Last week, Joe Biden announced a wide range of vaccine mandates that could affect 100 million Americans. Biden openly blamed the unvaccinated for ongoing struggles surrounding COVID-19 and its variants, saying: “We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin.” The order is part of a 6-pronged strategy that includes measures like increased testing and required masking. And while the federal government has already mandated vaccination for federal employees, the new executive orders signed on Thursday will solidify vaccine requirements for all employees of the Executive Branch and any contractors that do business with the federal government. Note that the legislative and judicial branches – including congress and anyone who works for them – would be exempt from the requirement.  But Biden is also calling for the Department of Labor to issue an emergency order requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis. And this is where things get a little dicey.  Biden’s plan to force private businesses to meddle in the private healthcare choices of their employees is based on an obscure and seldom-used rule that has been blocked in court more than half the time.  The